The National Assembly Investigates GPT and AI: How to Create a Stable Environment for Revitalizing Production-Type AI Technology

An official from the National Setting Up Legal Examination Division stated, Conversation GPT preoccupy the generated AI market as well as takes over the first responses of users, but given that the marketplace is still in its first phase, there is sufficient opportunity for our company. Domestic companies are getting ready for created AI, yet over time, it is rewarding to spread out to non-English-language markets beyond Korea. It is time for the business's stable initiatives, the government's steady setting, the advancement of outstanding skill, and the individual's energetic usage.

It is still not nearly enough for the AI learning of the first generation, he stated. Therefore, the government and also public organizations need to build more actively by the government as well as public organizations by identifying the need for information that is tough to provide directly by the private sector.

Nixon feels the allure of the created AI modern technology due to the fact that it can supply even more varied components to individuals. An official from Nixon claimed, The goal is to enjoy as well as enjoyment to users, so it is not targeted at lowering the job procedure. .

In order to develop a large AI design with the exact same general purpose such as GPT-3.5, discovering data in numerous fields is needed. Until currently, the federal government has established AI learning information of 93 Oriental data, 78 video clip photos, 67 health care, 59 kinds of disaster safety setting, 41 sorts of agricultural fisheries, and also 46 web traffic logistics. Did.

It is required to raise the customer's vital use ability. The manufacturing AI is to produce a 'suitable' expression, not to find the 'accurate' material, he claimed. The hallucinations that reveal commonly happen often take place.

In order to enhance business competition and also nationwide competition of the early AI age, it is very important to swiftly take care of large-scale discovering data as well as to secure calculating power that can answer real-time user inquiries in genuine time. The government needs to mirror it in the 'ultra-high performance computer advancement approach' to ensure that the federal government can increase the national supercomputer properties and also use it for the growth of the AI.

Net marble is considering creating services specialized in the game utilizing chat GPT technology and using them in different areas. An official from Net marble said, Generally, as AI innovation comes to be sophisticated, it is anticipated that not only enhances game development and operating top quality, however additionally enhances gameplay immersion by customers.


It's an example to aid individuals discover the best combination of personalities or skills required for each material clearing.

We should trigger information distribution and transactions to ensure that large information accumulated in different areas of public-private areas can be utilized for the Discovering AI version learning, he said. We must reinforce the demands for accumulating (creeping) for information on information revealed on the website.

Individual details security awareness as well as method are likewise important. In the process of making use of the generated AI, the user shall not indiscriminately go into the individual details of the individual or the neighbors, the secrets of the company and institution.

This is because the information went into can be replicated and also duplicated in any type of type. In connection with this, Nixon asked the employees to make use of the effective AI.

In the mid-to lasting viewpoint, protecting AI semiconductor abilities is likewise a secret. The present GPU is tough to increase calculating power due to the fact that it is a high-cost and high cost-consuming method. In order to respond, it is essential to sustain AI semiconductor study and development optimized for the AI model.

The domestic game market is likewise thinking about common AI technology such as the chat GPT. Major video game firms such as Nixon, Net marble, and Craft Tone are examining common AI technology.

It was suggested that the government needed to produce a stable setting with the government and the exclusive field's efforts to renew the manufacturing kind AI technology that major residential game companies have an interest in.

The National Setting Up Legislative Investigation Service is a professional establishment affiliated with the National Assembly that looks into and also supports legal tasks. The National Setting Up Legal Investigation Complex does not have a straight impact, however impacts legislators' legislative tasks.

The National Assembly Legislative Investigation Department launched a report on the emergence of the chat GPT as well as the task of expert system. Chat GPT is a chatbot produced by the United States expert system firm OpenAI (Open A). It is defined by the truth that the AI design GPT-3.5 can be easily made use of by any individual. If it can be revealed in language and also characters, chat GPT creates the outcome regardless of the area. Chat GPT has actually exceeded 100 million monthly active users (MAUs) worldwide within 2 months of launch.

Craft ton predicted that the produced AI would aid to boost the efficiency as well as universality of video game growth. An official stated, We anticipate to enhance the performance of 'common AI' game developers as well as give brand-new motivation in various work teams such as design, art, and noise. I'm eagerly anticipating it. Copilot is a device for AI to modify the code and also produce according to the input worth.


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