Destiny 2 LightFall: Experience the Largest Voiced List in the History of Destiny 2

Fate 2 Nightfall has among the largest dates in the history of Destiny 2. We believe that this makes sense, because the penultimate extension will impact a lot of voice abilities today. In addition to the main personalities, such as Lance Reddit from the Leader and also Nolan North from Ghost, gamers can appreciate fairly brand-new skill, such as the star articulating The Witness. Here is the top behind the scenes of the one that voices your preferred characters.

Actors of Fate 2 Nightfall

  • Amanda Holiday: Courtney Taylor
  • Banshi-44: John Di Mario
  • Klaus: Darin de Paul
  • Commander of the obstruction: Lance Reddit
  • Raven: Brandon Oil
  • Team Kay: Gideon MRI
  • Empress Karate: Courtney Taylor
  • Guard
  • Human man: Matthew Mercer
  • Human lady: Susan Nirenberg
  • Expo male: Peter Jess op
  • Ex Female: Trimmer
  • Awakened guy: Kristin Freeman
  • Stored up lady: Gray Griffin
  • Ghost: Nolan North
  • Score Rey: Mara Juno
  • Lord Sheiks: Lenny James
  • Mara Owl: Kristen Potter
  • Limb: Marin Miller
  • Osiris: Odd Fer
  • Saint-14: Brian T. Delaney
  • Rahul: Eric Atari
  • Rohan: Dave Fenway
  • Witness: Brent Dalton Although the project may have been slammed, there goes to the least something with which lots of players can concur, this is the high quality of voice performing. In Fate 2 there was always a solid listing of voice actors, and also the development of Nightfall proceeds this pattern.


While the history of the campaign was possibly transmitted by phone, these voice efficiencies were most definitely not. To discover out more concerning Destiny 2, checked out the section What is Arena's whip in Fate 2? In specialist video game standards.


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