Complete the Encrypted Mission 'Excavate at the Top of' in Fortnite - Cipher Quests Guide

Fortnite has offered a more surprise event before the end of chapter 4 season 1 with the new Cipher Quests. This series of missions offers regular challenges and encrypted missions that require some reflection to solve them.


The third encrypted quest of the series is now available. This is how to complete excavate at the top of in Fortnite.

How to complete the third encrypted mission in Fortnite

Image source: epic games through The third encrypted quest should be available if you already completed the first and second missions. Like the previous missions, this new one offers the brief description excavate at the top of... followed by the code: According to the same method we have used to decipher the other codes, the numbers chain is translated as shattered slabs. Let yourself fall into the southwest section of the location, where there is a hole on the hillside. Image source: epic games through There will be a small bright battery on the floor. Take out your beak and hit the battery once to generate an arcade machine, and complete the mission. There is no second stage for the third encrypted mission.

This is how to complete excavate at the top of in Fortnite. Be sure to stay with to get more Fortnite coverage in the new season and see how to complete all the other Cipher Quests and the rewards offered by the event. Related Posts Location of the Fortnite Infantry Rifle The leaks of Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 4 have begun and apparently an attack against Titan Crossover is confirmed Fortnite's encryption missions remind me when the weekly challenges were good How to complete all encryption missions in Fortnite How to complete the encrypted mission decipher the signal under the snow bank in Fortnite


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