Yata-Garasu Is Back! A Look At The Latest Prohibited And Limited List In Yu-Gi-Oh!

I spill a tear and a lament, but Yata-Garasu has returned with all its power in the last update of the prohibited and limited list of Yu-Gi-Oh!.


The last update of the Yu-Gi-Oh Ban list! He has hit the Parliament archetype that dominates the metajuego, almost ending his viability in the current metajuego. Parliaments has been a popular archetype since its presentation last October, using tools to overture most of your mallet in your cemetery (also known as auto) and activating the effects of your tear lament monsters when they are sent to the cemetery. Related: Yu-Gi-Oh!: The most valuable letters of Amazing Defenders According to the latest official prohibition list, only a parliaments has been completely prohibited: Teargases Pitfalls.

This Monster Fusion is an important engine in the deck, which allows you to search for any other parliaments and send it to your hand or the cemetery, which makes it a beast of a letter that allows combos and creates redundancy. THE GAMER VIDEO OF THE DAY Meanwhile, Parliaments Having, Parliaments Merely and Teargases Screen have been added to the limited list, which means that only one copy of them is allowed on their deck instead of the usual three. As these are three of the four tears of the main deck that are activated when they are sent to the cemetery, being forced to execute only one of each in its deck severely reduces the effectiveness of...


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