WoW Hotfixes From February 2, 2023 - Error Fixes and Mythical+ Dungeon Changes

It is once again time for new hotfixes in World of Warcraft: On February 2, 2023, the designers re-enacted bats to mistake loans and small changes to the Lives' server from Dragon Flight, which this time solves a few PVP bugs. There is also a fix for a problem with the caller and the locomotion in the vault of the incarnations. However, an adaptation to the examination of mythical+ dungeons at key stone level 21 or greater need to be particularly interesting for endgame characters. Below you read the original spot keeps in mind that we translate. Keep in mind: Hotfixes are updates that are performed on the server side without needing to download new data. A few of the modifications noted below entered into force as quickly as Blizzard executed them, whereas others just have an impact after an announced genuine type. Please note that some issues can not be solved without a client-side spot.

WOW: Hotfixes from February 2, 2023-patch Notes


  • Caller
  • A mistake was corrected through which some echoes could not be utilized by the work of magic.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Vaults of versions
  • A mistake was treated that avoided the gamer from going back to other areas of the Raid when they entered an instance in which breeding guard Diurnal had actually currently been defeated.
  • Gallegos now conjures up a website that brings the player back to the entrance to the Raid after brood guard Diurnal has actually been defeated.
  • Mythical+.
  • Players who finish a mythical dungeon of key stone level 21 or greater, however surpass the time limit, receive a ranking as if it had been a dungeon of the keystone 20.
  • Note of the designers: We partially grant legendary score for dungeons without time frame (as much as 40 percent above the target time) to reward the skill and the efforts brought in, and we motivate groups to stay together, even if it seems as. Would you miss out on the time objective? At the extreme top of the system we heard feedback that the safest method to more boost your own ranking is to look for secrets with groups who have no chance of completing the dungeon within the time limit.


We do not want to change the system for most of the gamers who work for cosmetic rewards or brand-new animals, but beyond the mythical 20 border there are no additional benefits, apart from the leader boards and the last competitors for the title of thundering hero. The aim of this adaptation is to ensure that the course to the top of the leaderboard and the accomplishment of a title is reserved for the best mythical gamers on the planet in which the dungeons are completed in the offered time without the majority of the gamers. That use this system. If this change enters into force, some players who have simply reached a rating of 2,400 will fall under 2,400 falling under 2,400 and after that need to purchase this rating to even more new items. To update in 13th place.

products and benefits.

  • A mistake was fixed to indicate a higher product level than prepared by the specific product upgrade previews.

players against gamers.

  • Druid.
  • Wildness.
  • A mistake was treated that the pack leader does not always work properly on the character if it is in the feline type.
  • Magician.
  • Frost.
  • A mistake was remedied through which Snow ewe is irregularly acted on raised terrain.


  • A mistake was repaired where Benthic devices might not be updated, which might not be completed the mission Produce your own strength.


When using particular add-ons, An error was fixed that caused efficiency losses.

Wrath of the Rich King Classic.

Products and benefits. Storm jewels are now correctly special. The drinking blood of the old gods now shows the proper attack strength worth in the tooltip. What do you think about the adjustment to the mythical-plus category if you fail due to the time limit for a dungeon with a keystone 21+? Does this come to you that you get a little gift for your efforts or are such difficult stones beyond everything you have already tackled? Source |. Blizzard. To home page. Sara Retold.


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