Unlock Your Potential: Complete the Galka Quest in Hogwarts Heritage

You will need to perform the main plot quests to improve your character and unlock more opportunities. The completion of the Rest of Gala is an important part of the story that will allow you to unlock the talent page that are important improvements for your character, such as additional spells and powerful changes in spells. Here is the leadership of REST and all its puzzles and collecting awards along the way.


How to go through Rest Gala in the Heritage of Hogwarts

To get the quest Rest Gala, you need to fulfill the quest Prisoner of Love. This ends with the fact that you go to a secret storage in the forbidden forest, which, as you hope, may contain the missing pages of the map. Unlocking the storage in itself is a puzzle and requires you to pull out several boxes in the correct order.

how to open a dawn of the DAW on Hogwarts's Heritage

It seems that there is no certain order in which you should put forward the boxes, but you will need the correct drawing on both sides to open the vault. On each side, you will need to put forward one box from above, in the middle and below using the action spell. It should turn out as in the picture above, if you did everything right. On the left: Upper left middle right Below on the right Maybe: In the upper right corner Middle left Below the left As soon as you open the store, you will find a letter to Anna, which she never received. Leave the cave to talk to Gala, and he will agree to meet you in the forbidden forest later to bring you to his remains, in which the missing pages are stored. Check your card to see the exact initial point of the quest. You can use a fireplace flame for a forbidden forest and follow the road to it. Gala will wait for you and begin to lead to the entrance. However, he will make you go further alone, giving you a password to open it at the fountain.

whispering fountain

To find the entrance, you continue to follow the way forward. You will notice many warning signs and danger signs of spiders. If you, like me, are not a fan of spiders, this is a particularly complex quest, but you can handle it with some spells. Be sure to carefully follow any branches on the compass. This usually leads you to booty chests. Having reached the fountain, you can press the X or square to whisper the password. This will open the entrance, but also initiate the ambush of goblins that will attack you. You will have to defeat the loyalists to go inside.

How to make a riddle with runes No. 1 in Garlicky Film

Soon after the entrance, you will face the first mystery to the runes. These runes can be hit with a basic spell and open part of the door. The goal is to hit everyone as quickly as possible before they have expired. This helps to aim by pressing LT on your controller and starting from the farthest. Aim in each of them, then click the RT to play the basic spell and activate each button. When the gate opens, you can continue moving forward. Ahead you will meet several branching paths. One on the right side will lead to mini-vogov spiders, where you will have to kill a few spiders, but you can also collect a chest. It is important to use Revelry as often as possible to open nearby chests. The more Luna you can get for experience, the better.

How to go through floating platforms No. 1 in the Galician pier

When you continue, you will come to the first set of floating platforms. This one is not required to cross for the quest, but it leads to another chest. Go to the right side of the abyss next to the lighted lantern, then use the action to drag the middle platform to your side. You can jump onto it when it is close enough. When you are on it, direct your action to the far platform on the opposite side to pull the middle platform to it. Then you can go up to pick up the prey. Return to the other side using the same methods to continue.

How to make a riddle with runes No. 2 in Garlicky Film

You will encounter a second mystery with runes. This is only a little more complicated than the first, but with the same methods.

You will need to press every rune button before they expired to open the gate; Only the third button is further and a little hidden. You can use Revelry to find it more easily, and then use your main throw with RT to hit them all again. Go through the gate and pay attention to a few more chests nearby. In fact, you will go through a small loop until you reach the next set of floating platforms.

How to go through floating platforms No. 2 in the Garlicky refuge

This set of floating platforms is more important for intersection. But there is a small bypass path that you can make to assemble another chest. Use action to tighten the average platform. Then you can jump onto it. You can ban on the left side, aiming at the left fixed platform and using action. On this path there is a chest that you can quickly grab before continuing. Return to the abyss and jump to the platform. Apply action to the platform fixed in the distance to move to the other side of the abyss and continue moving forward. From here you will fall into a large open space of rest, where you will have to fight back from some spiders, including the particularly unpleasant ones, which are stronger than the rest. Important advice that you should remember is to dodge when you are suggested by an attack of a spider from under the ground. You will see how a small radius will appear on the ground from where they jump out. As soon as you kill all spiders, you can focus on the last puzzle with runes.

How to perform a puzzle with runes No. 3 in Garlicky Film

This puzzle is the most difficult of all, simply because the buttons are more scattered. You still need to hit them all with a basic spell as quickly as possible. The key is to arrange your character accordingly so that you can see all the buttons at the same time. The best place is on the ground facing the lower shelter and on the same line with a gate upstairs. You can use Revelry or the image above to help find each of them. As soon as you determine the time, you can go through the gate and find a long bridge leading to the grave of Jackdaw. Go over the bridge, and you will find the remains of the duck.

the remains of Gala

Before looking for the remains, you need to go to the right and left sides of the tomb on both sides of the remains and collect chests and affordable prey. This is the best time to collect them, because as soon as you sear the remains, they will wake the guards ahead of you. You will find the missing pages of the map on the remains of the DAW, and then must fight off the guards. Six of them are the same as those with whom you fought earlier with the professor fig in Greenbelts. However, the other three are more powerful versions that wake up only after you destroy the rest. The key is to dodge most of their attacks, especially when the red light tells you, and use the expeliarmus to disarm them as much as possible. After the guards are defeated, you can go through the arch, which seems to be leading into the map hall. Here you will interact with a portrait of Rehab, and he will ask you to bring with you the whole book of cards before continuing. In general, this is an important quest for the main storylines, and you can get good rewards: Unlock talents 200 experience Unlock the task of Professor Sharp 1 Looking for more materials from Pro GAME Guides Hogwarts Legacy? Check out our guidelines for the location of the pictures All Moths in the Frame in the Hogwarts Heritage or All the quests related to the house in the Ho tarts heritage!


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