Sony's PlayStation 5: 32.1 Million Consoles Delivered in Q3 Financial Results

Sony has published existing figures from the third quarter of the present fiscal year. According to this, 32.1 million consoles of the PlayStation 5 design were provided by December 31. In these 3 months alone, 7.1 million consoles were provided. The previous year it was 3.1 million in the very same period.


On the other hand, a decline from 48 to 46.4 million was tape-recorded for the Subscribers of PlayStation Plus, while 112 million monthly active users were recorded in the PlayStation network. Last year it was 1 million less. Another decline was found in the software application sales. 86.5 million games were sold on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in the third quarter. In the very same period in 2015 it was 92.7 million. Of the games offered, 20.8 million were initially parlor game. Last year there were still 11.3 million.

The release of God of War Ragnarök with 11 million units sold should certainly be accountable for the huge boost.


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