John Carpenter's Approved: Meet The Voice Cast Of The Dead Space Remake


Dead Space Remake has been a great success between players and horror fans, even the icon of terror, John Carpenter, approves it! While the game is a new version of the original Dead Space developed by Visceral Games, not everything is the same. There have been significant changes in the game (for better), but also in the cast. Some resume their roles, others do not. Here are the details about all the voice actors of Dead Space Remake.

Wright gunner-Isaac Clarke

Image Source: Paul Archaea/Getty Images Gunner Wright returns in Dead Space Remake repeating his role as Isaac Clarke, the main protagonist. He lent Isaac in the past, specifically at Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3. Gunner Wright is no stranger to voice performance; Titles like Man eater and Star Wars: Battlefront II also have their voice. Gunner also has a presence in films such as Love and Underwater.

A Tanya Clarkenicole Brennan

Image source: Hobson/Getty Images fibrin Tanya Clarke is another actress who returns to Dead Space to repeat her role in the franchise; Specifically Nicole Brennan, Isaac Clarke's beloved girlfriend. She has also made voice in video games in the past, apart from Dead Space, but only minor. Tanya's appearance is much more extensive, and includes films and television programs such as The World Turns and Deadly Mom Relates.

Brigitte Kali Canales-Kendra Daniels

Image Source: Theo Cargo/Getty Images Brigitte Kali Canals gives voice to the CEC computer specialist, Kendra Daniels, but that is only the tip of the iceberg of his career as a dubbing actress. He has lent his voice to a variety of characters in multiple franchises such as Star Wars, Insomniacs Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Overwatch. Brigitte Kali Canals has also appeared in numerous films and television programs such as the officer Alexia Cabrera in Swat and Rachel in Fear The Walking Dead.

Anthony Alabi-Zach Hammond

Image Source: Tiffany Rose/Getty Images If you acknowledged Anthony Alibi's face, then you must be a Family Meeting fan because he is none other than MOZ McKellar. In Dead Space Remake, Anthony gives voice to Zach Hammond, who was originally played by Peter Mensa, the leader of the emergency maintenance team sent to USG Chimera. While his voice action credits are certainly small, Anthony Alibi has a long history with television series, briefly appearing in Blackish, Shameless and several episodes of Ravens Home.

Chris Wu-Aiden Chen

Image Source: Phillip Karaoke/Stringer/Getty Images Chris Wu gives voice to Aiden Chen, one of the USG Hellion pilots and part of the emergency maintenance equipment. Unfortunately, he meets a premature death shortly after arriving at the USG Chimera. Fortunately, his voice actor did not; In fact, Chris Wu is alive and well, and with a rather solid acting career distributed in films for television, series and short films such as Thirty, Escape The Night and Following Jamie, respectively.

Erica Luttll-Hailey Johnston

Image Source: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images Hailey Johnston's voice is none other than Erica Lutterell, and given her story, this is not her first work as a voice actress. Hailey's action loans date back to a little-known children's cartoon of the 90 called The Magic School Bus, where he played Keesha Franklin's character.

However, that is only television: he has lent his voice to dozens of different video games such as World of Warcraft, Apex Legends, Horizon Forbidden West and more.

Fran Third. Chalks Mercer

Image Source: Jim Spellman/Getty Images Fran Tapir lends his chilling voice to the fanatic Dr. Chalks Mercer, one of the main antagonists of Dead Space Remake. Fran Tapir has only expressed some characters throughout his career, most of whom are animations such as injustice and Lamas Poem. It is his live action story that constitutes most of his career, especially Iron Man as a race and Captain Road in Star Trek.

Pen Vahdat-Dr. Terrence Kane

Image Source: Paul Archaea/Getty Images Pen Sadat replaces Dr. Terrance Kane's voice, one of the few biologists whose religious faith was shaken and broken due in large part to the mesomorphs outbreak. You can listen more about Pen Sadat's work at Agents of Mayhem, Crackdown 3 and The Last of Us: Part II. If you prefer live action entertainment, Pen stars The Old Man, Empire and Shameless.

Jim Pirri-Captain Benjamín Mathias

Photo of Kevin Weaver through IMDB

Jim Cirri gives voice to Captain Benjamin Mathias, captain of the USG Chimera and a member of Biology, not to mention one of the main reasons why Marker reached the ship. Jim Cirri has been in the entire games' industry, lending his voice to characters like Birgit in God of War Ragnarök, Final Fantasy XV: Episode Army and Red Dead Redemption. It also frequently stars in real action movies and television series.

Suwanee Montano-Dr. Elizabeth Cross

Image Source: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images Suwanee Montano puts voice to Dr. Elizabeth Cross, one of the other doctors aboard the USG Chimera and Jacob Temple's girlfriend. Suwanee is a great VET ARN and contributes her talent to almost one hundred titles, many of which have great success, such as Fallout 4, Destiny 2, World of Warcraft and more. His live action papers are numerous, some notables are The Lost Symbol and Star Trek: Picard.

TJ Ramini-Jacob Temple

Image Source: Fraser Harrison/BAFTA la/Getty Images Jacob Temple, the other engineer who seeks his girlfriend, has the voice of TJ Ra mini, whom you may recognize CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Bill and 24. However, those are only their live action credits; TJ Ra mini's work covers almost two dozen video games, including For spoken, Wallenstein II: The New Colossus and Data 2.

Claudia Besso-Ishimura computer

IMDB image Last but not least, the voice that will hear quite frequently in Dead Space Remake is Claudia Bess as the USG Chimera computer. Claudia Bess also has a long work history in the video game industry, in addition to television and cinema, lending her voice talent to Deus Ex: Mankind divided as Daria My ska and Pillars of Eternity II: Dead fire. And there is: all the voice actors of Dead Space Remake. It is good to see Gunner Wright returning as Isaac Clarke. You can really feel your anger and frustration when it tramples the heads of the mesomorphs. With that out of the way, why not stay? has all kinds of content relevant below. Related Posts Infinite themes: Dead Space series The 12 most scary remake monsters Dead Space remake route Dead Space 3 dies to do again so that the series is again complete Dead Space fans have translated an indecipherable message that can cause a return to Tau Vol antis


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