Is The End Of My Hero Academia Near? Creator's Latest Track May Hold Clues

My Hero Academia is currently in an important stage, since the definitive battle between the largest superheroes and their respective villains is being addressed in his manga arch. And while many are clear that the end is close, perhaps the date approaches much faster than they had really imagined. In a recent popularity survey related to the characters, the eighth to arrive so far during the history of the manga, the creator of the work, Doha Hiroshi, hinted that it could be the last of the franchise, so the followers could Instantly think that this is the latest related to DEU's adventure.

This is what the special message by Hiroshi says: The story is going through some chaos and sadness, but I am here to announce the results of the eighth popularity survey. Thank you very much for the votes and for all the support! I think this was probably the last popularity survey. Thank you. Something that should be clarified is that the manga has suffered from a pause because the creator is going through health problems, something that is not new for those who also enjoy works such as Hunter X Hunter.


However, Hiroshi is someone who has remained constant for years, so this health break will do very well. Remember that the anime has premiere episodes every week in Crunchyroll. Via: Comic book Editor's note: It is always sad when this type of works comes to an end, I still remember when that happened with Naruto in 2016. But not everyone can be One Piece, with thousands of chapters ahead, and the truth is appreciated that nobody want to be so long.


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