How to Get a Revolver in Sons of the Forest - Survive on a Cannibal-Infested Island

Being stranded on a desert island is not fun, and it can only get worse when you discover that it is the home of cannibals mutant thirsty for blood. Sons of the Forest does exactly that, assigning players the task of surviving by any necessary means, which implies discovering the hidden secrets that the island keeps. One of those secrets is a revolver, and you will need it as the nights are lengthened. That said, this is what you need to know about how to get the revolver in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest Revolver Guide

Image source: End night Games through Similar to find other weapons in Sons of the Forest such as the crossbow, you will need to have the shovel, since you will have to dig up a maintenance hatch.

Once you have the shovel, go to the location shown on the map above on the northeast side of the Nevada mountain. Where you will see two golf carts and a beacon begins to dig until the hatch. Once the hatch goes out to the surface, KET it out and descend to a little illuminated hall. You can create a torch or take out a lighter to turn on and continue down the hall until you see a door to your right. In the room, you will discover a worker who lost his life, and next to him will be the revolver. It is a standard revolver, nothing too elegant, but requires 9 mm ammunition to work.


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