Find the Gun in Sons of the Forest - Uncover the Secrets of the New Sequel!

While The Forest had its peculiarities and secrets, its recently launched sequel, Sons of the Forest, seems to have even more to offer the players they value explore. If he has been away from home on the new expansive island, then he knows how much is there to be discovered. Some of those things include tools and weapons that end up being necessary as enemies increases, but the location of these is not always clear. If you have little defense and ask where to find the weapon in Sons of the Forest you can read below to get a quick explanation.

Where to find the gun in Sons of the Forest

The gun is not too far depending on where you have appeared. If your helicopter landed on the ocean or beach, it will be easier to locate it. However, if it started in the mountains or the forest, the distance is not so bad, but it must go south until you reach the area on its GPS map shown below. Image source: through end night As you can see, there is a bright red raft further in the ocean. This is where the gun will be located in Sons of the Forest, so you must swim there. There are sharks that protect the raft, so it is attentive to its fins, since they will kill it instantly. Fortunately, you actually get an achievement for dying at the hands of sharks and also reappear in the ocean, so there are not too many negative consequences of from the possible interruption in the acquisition of the gun. Image source: through end night Once you go up to the raft, you will see the gun placed on top of a book as shown in the image above.


All you need to do it is to walk towards him and press the letter E on his keyboard. I should already have some gun ammunition in its inventory, but you can find it anywhere on the island, since it is abundant. That is all you need to know about where to find the weapon in Sons of the Forest, so return to your saved and find the raft for yourself. If you want to read related content, just look at it below to see similar items or return to the main website page to get more games and news guides.

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