Destiny 2's Witch Queen free weekend is the perfect excuse to cancel those plans you wish you didn't make

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen makes the greatest impression of any type of development from developer Bungee to day, created Wood in his testimonial. It provides one of the most remarkable projects in the collection, and its story is the very best point Bungee has ever before written. Keep in mind, Bungee likewise composed the initial three Halo games, which are thought about some very best campaigns of perpetuity.

Even if you aren't currently a Destiny gamer, all you need to do is download the base video game for totally free on Heavy steam or the Legendary Gaming Store as well as the Witch Queen project must instantly unlock. It's also a superb entrance factor to the MMO, according to GR's residential Destiny professional Austin Wood.

Destiny 2's superb Witch Queen campaign is free to play for the weekend, which suggests you now have the ideal excuse to cancel those strategies you made.

The Witch Queen is everything about the titular Marathon as well as her imposing throne world, which you've penetrated to learn how the heck she managed to swipe the Light, a mystical power provided to Guardians by The Vacationer. I like it due to the fact that it's the closest Destiny has ever become a horror video game, having been motivated by traditional sci-fi flicks.


I wrote strategies in quotes due to the fact that when I state I have weekend break strategies, what I actually imply is I'm laying on the flooring since my hurting back likes it and also enjoying TikToks while idling in Star dew Valley. Trust me when I claim it's worth canceling those type of plans too, since you only have till Monday, February 27 at 9am PST to play the well-known Destiny 2 Witch Queen project.


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