Destiny 2: A Step-By-Step Guide To Completing The Cosmic Chill Challenge

Season of the Seraph has entered the 9th week in Destiny 2, and a new seasonal challenge has been launched to be completed by the guardians.

The Cosmic Chill challenges players to venture on the Vanguard playlist to defeat some enemies in a specific way. However, writing is confusing for some players. So today, let's talk how to complete the Cosmic Chill challenge in Destiny 2.

Explanation of Destiny 2 cosmic cold challenge

Image source: Bungee through The Cosmic Chill challenge says: Defeat the combatants with vacuum effects or stasis on the vanguard reproduction lists.

This is where things are complicated, since challenges generally do not include the word effect. However, we are here to clarify that every time the word effect is mentioned in any challenge, it means skill. Therefore, to complete the challenge, you must enter the Vanguard reproduction list and defeat enemies with void or Stasis. Skills. The avant-garde playlist includes three activities: OP, Nightfall and Grand master Nightfall. Vanguard OPS would be the most efficient way to complete the challenge in terms of speed/time, but Grand master Nightfall will grant more progress since it is an activity of greater difficulty. Regardless of the activity you choose, a Void Titan with the Heart of Inmost Light or Warlock check with the Exotic Controversy Hold arm can end this challenge with little or no effort, since they can send spam at will. Hunters can fight a little more with this challenge, since they cannot send spam with skills such as the other two classes. That is all you need to know how to complete the Cosmic Chill challenge in Destiny 2. Be sure to consult our latest guides of Destiny 2, such as how to complete the absoluteally stunning challenge or how to get the Wendigo Grenade Launcher. Related Posts How to complete the absolutely impressive challenge in Destiny 2 How to complete the Icy Singularity challenge in Destiny 2 Why does Destiny 2 Stasis have an adequate fragmentation grenade? The weapons balance of Destiny 2 season is established to improve the JCE 7 Destiny 2 Nightfall Exotics and its advantages, explained


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