Call of Duty 2023: Continuing the Tradition Despite Rumors of Independence

The usually well-informed expert Tom Henderson now contradicts this speculation from the past. Instead of a paid premium growth for Call of Task: Modern Warfare 2, a complete Call of Responsibility should likewise appear in 2023-but which remains in the Modern Warfare universes.

It is a custom: a brand-new Call of Responsibility appears every fall. This will most likely continue in 2023, regardless of formerly numerous reports, which mentioned an extension.

Call of Task 2023: developer and exact dates

The development supposedly bears Sled hammer Games in an accountable position, where the other Activision studios ought to likewise be on board. In regard to content, the new Call of Responsibility is closely related to Call of Task: Modern Warfare 2, however whether it is modern-day Warfare 3 Henderson has actually not yet been verified. If Infinity Ward himself take over the direct follower, a spin-off would also be possible.

According to Henderson on the Insider-Gaming portal, it was actually prepared to only release a large expansion for Call of Task: Modern Warfare 2. In the meantime, nevertheless, the decision has actually been made internally to develop a complete game instead, as you understand it from the series and to broaden the preparation.

In addition, Henderson claims to have currently experienced exact release and beta dates of his sources.

Accordingly, the new Call of Duty on 10. November 2023 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S appear.


Before that, there are other dates to be observed:

Only the visit as to when the video game is to be exposed could not learn.

  • 1. Beta weekend (PS unique): October sixth to 10th, 2023
  • 2. Beta weekend (for all platforms): October 12 to 16, 2023
  • Early Gain access to on the project: November 2, 2023

original plans have shifted

Despite a brand-new Call of Duty, Call of Task: Modern Warfare 2 will continue with the 2nd season. Due to numerous changes, however, the release date has shifted a little backwards, which is why the starting shot is now just on February 15.

Accordingly, the release of a brand-new Call of Duties from Trey arch was prepared for 2023, however that was postponed internally to 2024. Thereupon the decision was made that PLETHORA GAMES should establish a premium growth for Modern Warfare 2-which is now to be created. Schrader will soon enter into the information of this changing strategies with its own post.

Obviously, it remains to be seen whether this details are right, just like many reports. Henderson and other experts said that in 2023 no new traditional call of task need to appear. Jason Schrader von Bloomberg commented on Twitter and explains the predicament.


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