But Kishimoto believes that the inclusion of old cartoons characters can add a new dimension to the game. | Create SEO Page Title: Morio Kishimoto Wants to Bring Old Cartoon Characters to Sonic Frontiers Games

Home News The director of Sonic Frontiers is very interested in adding old comics characters The director of Sonic, Mario Hashimoto, suggests that the Freedom Fighters could appear in future games. For a stranger, it may seem that Sonic games already have a great cast. But what if I told you that there are dozens of others, some of whom had never appeared on our screens? Sonic The Hedgehog also has a great continuity of comics, initially published by Archie, now ID. This means that there are a lot of new and ancient characters that fans want to see in the games. Now, an influential figure within Sega may have given them a hint of home. During a question and answers session with fans, the director of Sonic Frontiers, Mario Hashimoto, says he is very interested in seeing the comic characters appear, suggesting that they could be included in future games. Related: fans want to see Sonic R, Sonic The Fighters and more at Sonic Origins Plus During the question and answers session, a fan asked Hashimoto to comment on the appearance of the former comic characters, the Freedom Fighters. They also mention more niche video games such as Mighty, Ray and Honey. Hashimoto's response is quite surprising and offers a rare hint of good news for fans of these older stories. Yes, I am very interested in seeing those characters appear, he says, apparently referring to all...


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