Juve's Comeback Fails: Monza Overcomes the Italian Record Champion Despite Vlahovic's Return

After the 3: 3 against Atalanta last weekend, the Italian record champion Juventus Turin was already under pressure. The range to the global ranks, let alone leaders Naples, was currently enormous due to the deduction of points, and no slip versus which climbers from Monza was enabled. The AS had actually separated 1-1 against Sassoon Calico last weekend and only ranked two locations behind the old girl in the series A table before the kick-off.

Monza is better and takes the lead

The house side truly did not go according to plan from the start: only 10 minutes were played when Messina was through after a stopped working information campaign by de Scipio on Capra, who provided Czerny no possibility. The Var still had a word with you with luck for the home side, the goal was not provided due to a narrow offside position (12th). But if you believed that this early shock would function as a caution signal for totally unthinkable Turner, you saw himself deceived. Just a couple of minutes later on, Machine was permitted to strut over half of the Bianconeri and send out Curia on the trip. He did not take this chance and a step-in-conformity 1: 0 (18th). Not adequate either, because nothing came of the home side. Both Mean and Poetic still attempted it, however could not trigger any danger with their degrees.

MTA increases after Augustus Solo

The hazardous possibilities remained the guests, who then struck again quickly prior to half-time. Carlos Augusto began a sprint after a ball loss and marched from his own half to the opposing charge location. There he passed on to MTA, who still turned Czerny over and pushed in 2-0 (39. ).

With this outcome it entered into the catacombs from which the house side came with several modifications. As a result, June increased, specifically from a distance it became dangerous a number of times. Radio tried two times, however both times DI Gregorio grabbed (61./ 62.). Then the time had finally come, Susan Slavic was on the pitch for the old lady for the very first time considering that October.

Bremen's offside position prevents the connection objective

The newly baked world champion DI Maria continued the fireworks of opportunities, however likewise his beam pacified Mona's goalkeeper with flying colors (75th). Nearly ten minutes prior to the end, it should apparently work with the connection objective: Milk steered a rebound after a free kick to Bremen, who nodded from the quickest range to the expected 1: 2. Nevertheless, the Brazilian was not counted in the offside. Afterwards nothing came from Juventus, the success of the promoted team, who likewise passed the Bianconeri. Juventus is expecting a difficult job next Thursday: In the quarter-finals of the COPPA Italia, the old woman satisfies Lazio Rome (9 p.m.).


For Monza, it only advances February 6th with a home game against Amphora.


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