Is Sony Ready For Another Shot At Handhelds? A Look At The Rumored Next-Gen PSP

The PSP is still in an excellent memory today. Nevertheless, Sony has decided to provide up the handheld market according to the Vita mess. Two designers put their heads together and thought about what a contemporary version of the PlayStation Portable might look like-and the result is a genuine dream.


competition for the Change?

New PSP style looks wonderful The Nintendo Change can not start with the PS5 or Xbox Series X | s when it comes to hardware power, the console is a real bestseller. No surprise, after all, Nintendo not only provides numerous unique games in a flash, however conveniently likewise the only severe portable console. However, what if Sony would try again on a new PSP that fans have been waiting on for numerous years? The designers Andrea Gallatin and Nicola Menotti when considered how a modern, portable PlayStation console might look-and their photos make the switch appearance ancient in direct contrast: View the PSP consoles (utilized) for console food Even narrower, even smoother, even greater quality-the concept of the 2 designers is really impressive. It almost looks like a modern mobile phone, however the style of which has been broadened to include some buttons and additional functions. Gallatin and Menotti likewise considered a dock for connecting to the domestic television. In contrast to the switch, however, the portable console is not placed vertically, but horizontally into the slot to establish a connection. All pictures of the brand-new PSP design at a look To the Instagram account of Nicola Menotti To Andrea Gallatin Instagram account

brand-new PSP?

Currently, no indication of life from Sony Although many PlayStation fans desire Sony try once again to withstand Nintendo in the handheld market, there appears to be no strategies on the part of the business. Not surprising that, at the moment Sony has enough problems to continue the production of the PS5 and therefore even keeps the PS4 alive. Checking out pointer Buy PS5: Here you get the Sony console in the God-of-War-Bunzle Marta Drama It remains to be seen whether Sony may not change his viewpoint on the topic in a few years-but with the PS Vita, the group seems to have burned its fingers so violently that a return to the handheld market seems rather not likely.


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