WoW: Storm Valdrakken with 300 dogs. Get 300 dogs in WoW! This ingenious bug makes every hunter look

WoW, is a game for many players in which you can choose your character and find friends to adventure with. And if you care about their looks, there are different ways to change the appearance of your character. But not everyone knows that there is a bug that can make any hunter look old in the game!

Nobody believes that WoW is without bugs. And no one believes that wow: dragon flight is complimentary of really sloping bugs. And yet it is funny how unique errors in the code of the Blizzard-Morpg can still make us laugh. The current example of bug professional Rex troy brightens that once again. He has actually discovered a way to hire a small army of dog-like Baker. He just required one paladin magic and the mission member of the pack.

300 Baker in WoW: Dragon Flight: How does the bug work?

In fact there is a rebuff in the quest that keeps you from calling more cozy companions. The technique is really easy: with the sign of God you are likewise secured against this rebuff and can call pet dogs to your side to your heart's content. In this method, Rex troy puts an army of 300 searching Baker: Recommended editorial inhale at this point you will find external content from [platform] To secure your individual information, external integration is only shown if you confirm this by clicking Load all external load: All external material will agree that external material is displayed. This indicates that individual information is sent to third-party platforms.


Learn more about our privacy policy. External content more about this in our information security declaration. More about Rex troy: This is how the bug professional One shots has distributed in the arena On the one hand, the animals repair completely negligible damage to 1-2 points per attack. They use a sperm magic, so they pull completely aggro. And the moral impact on opposing players who do not understand that they have little damage is likewise not to be belittled! When visiting the capital Valdrakken, Rex troy gathered and his buddies, however above all, amused remarks are by no suggests a mighty make use of.

so you get a Baker as normal

By the way, you have reached magnificence level 9 with the Centaurs of the Marduk with one of your characters, it is possible for you to make the dragon islands hazardous with a Baker hunting buddy.

This even has the passive impact that he in some cases provides opponents who just have 20 percent of their health with an attack!. To home page Matthias Buckle


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