Overwatch Season 2: Ramattra, new map, battle and everything you need to know

This last Tuesday (29), it was confirmed that the second season of Overwatch 2 will arrive on December 6, from 20h (asília time).


Among the news presented through the trailer are Mantra, the new Escort Shamble map, a new battle pass and a skins' collection that revolves around the theme of Greek mythology.

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New tank champion to enter the list, Mantra is, at first glance, a smart mix between Sigma and Doom fist, which will make Pharaoh and Mercy players very sad.

Able to change shape and alternate between distance combat and melee, as well as having shields and doom fist style protection, it will also be able to send an area to the floor that will slow down and pull the enemies inside it to the floor.

His final ability, annihilation, allows him to attack melee and cause constant damage around him. Ultimate does not stop while there are enemies in the area and can be practically infinite.

Shamble, The New Map

Shamble is a new escort style map, located in the depths of the Himalayan snow-covered mountains.

This is where Kenyatta and Mantra have trained together as monks, and many OM NIC references/statues are scattered throughout this map, in reference to this famous people of the tradition of Overwatch.

A new battle pass

The new season ings its battle pass, which includes many new skins-like including the 2nd mythical skin of Overwatch 2: The Junker Queen version Zeus.

A high quality, customizable skin whose trailer shows the different possible colors: yellow, red and blue.

In addition to Skin Junker Queen Zeus, it will also be possible to find many other skins around Greek mythology, such as Reinhardt Minotaur, Mantra Poseidon or even Chopper Cyclops.

A new game mode and the return of old events

Also in the Greek mythology sphere, a new game mode will appear from 5 to 19 January: the battle for Olympus. There, the player will have the opportunity to win a skin when completing all the missions of the event.

Old seasonal events, such as the Lunar New Year, will also return.


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