Marvels Reveals The Official Synopsis Of Ms. Marvel

The Marvels, one of the next Marvel Studios films planned for 2023, are discovering new details its premiere date in cinem approaches. So much so, that we already have its official synopsis, a first description of its plot that connects directly to the end of the MS. Marvel series and that explains what really happened in the commented post-crop scene of the Kamala Khan show that we enjoyed some months in Disney+. This is collected by means such Screen Rant through a generous paragraph that we offer below.

The Marvels: Official synopsis of the new UCM

Carol Dancers, aka Capital Marvel, h recovered his identity from the Free Titanic and h avenged himself from supreme intelligence.

But the unforeseen consequences make Carol load with the weight of a destabilized universe. When her duties send her to an anomalous wormhole linked to a revolutionary Free, her powers are entangled with those of the Jersey City Superfan, Kamala Khan ali Ms. Marvel and Carol's distanced niece, Captain Monica Ram beau. Together, this unusual trio should form a team and learn to work a team to save the universe like The Marvels, says its official synopsis. we say, the official synopsis of The Marvels directly links the film with the final scene of Ms. Marvel and the surprising appearance of Carol Dancers instead of Kamala Khan in his own room.


In this way, we now know what really happened at that time, although we will have to wait for the film's premiere to know how the three protagonists meet in a new adventure in which they will have to save the world, once again. The Marvels open in cinem on July 28, 2023.


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