Gotham Knights Update: Patch Available On Consoles

gotham knights is the newest release from Warner Bros. Games, the makers of Batman: Arkham Origins. The game was released late last month for consoles and features a lot of exciting new things that you can do with Batman when he's not out saving Gotham City. One of these new features is hero mode, which replaces normal combat with more challenging fights that are never-ending and unpredictable. Although there are many changes that have been made in the game to make it a better experience for players, errors still exist in some areas. That's why a patch has been released to fix these mistakes so that players don't experience any problems when playing the game.

A brand-new console spot for gotham knights is offered. The spot fixes some errors in heroic assault, balancing and also boosts the stability of the game. We have actually listed the complete adjustments and also renovations here for you: Patch Notes General Harmonizing Rewards/drops scale outdoors world (from level 40). Brave assault. Improvement of the Ultra Cosmic color variation so that it is really activated. repairs for ambient funds. Get stuck or invisible crashes.


  • Solutions for AI growth levels and also behavior.
  • Deal with for card icons that were not presented appropriately.
  • Stability.
  • Collision dealt with for certain player skills.
  • Crash solutions for heroic attack.
  • Fixes for problems with input performance throughout heroic strike.


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