Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Reunion im Test

The article will talk about the test of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Reunion and a little about what Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is

Anyone who missed the Portable era at the time missed out on some video game beads. A highlight was, for instance, Crisis Core: Final Dream VII, which was published in Japan in September 2007 and in the first half of 2008 in the U.S.A. and Europe. The title currently suggests: Crisis Core is a spinoff for Last Fantasy VII, which again leads us to the industrial metropolis Midgard managed by the mega-Konzern Shira, but a time prior to the events of the role-playing turning point from the PlayStation One-era lit up. Nonetheless, you can anticipate a reunion with popular characters from VII: The young cloud dreams of a career as a soldier, Aerial is not yet a flower seller, however now has a heart for young boys who break through the church roofing system and discover about Sephiroth Overfilling You likewise have some new elements. All of these sounds interesting for you, especially with a view of Final Dream VII Renewal, the extension of the first remake to be released in winter season 2023? Well, luckily you no longer need to get old PSP and handle pixelated ancient graphics! Square Enix published a modernized remastered variation for the existing PlayStation and Xbox consoles, the Nintendo Switch and the PC, which does not just make a good figure through the enhanced graphic! Source: Crisis Core plays prior to Final Fantasy VII. In the PSP classic from 2007, Aerial is not yet a flower seller, however still a heartbreaker. Source: awaits you once again with one of the most popular villains in computer game history. In Crisis Core, nevertheless, you first battle together with Sephiroth. That costs conquering...

same hairdo, other hero: hey there, Zack!

Firstly, let's clarify what crisis core is about: You slip into the function of Zack Fair, a young, up-and-coming soldier at Shira, whom you might already know from clouds memories in FFI or the film adjustment ff vii: Arrival Children. The confident and fun-loving fighter varies considerably from the bad-tempered, taciturn cloud from FFI, however apparently goes to the very same hairdresser, likewise likes terrific swords and is always great for a humiliating stranger. When Zack with his mentor is working on his promo to the next soldier rank, uncommon events occur: First Genesis, a first class soldier, vanishes without a trace with a mission. It also looks as if ancillary are being turned versus Shira. On the side of Sephiroth, Zack needs to bring light into the dark. Naturally, we do not tell you what is behind all of this, you don't need to find out yourself at this point. Just so much: With his very exciting story, Crisis Core answers some open questions from Last Fantasy VII and illuminates topics of the RPG classic from a brand-new point of view.


Thanks to the modernization, it is enjoyable to follow the story: The numerous, in some cases well staged in-game cutscenes have been scaled, and the Square managers have bought the dialogue passages that were previously just offered in text kind, so that you can now listen to all conversations in full. However, we have actually currently indicated: Comparable to FFI, there are also some cringe moments in Crisis Core in which you will look at the screen embarrassingly since a character makes a character or what has been stated. In addition, some texts do not match the action, for example when Zack enters a brand-new location, talked about the numerous beasts present, however can not be seen any animal everywhere. The bottom line is that the prehistory of FFI awaits you in the brand-new reunion variation, which you could use the PSP 14 years earlier. The Square authors therefore did not invest the extra work to bring to remaster to a denominator with the remake changes in the action of Last Dream VII. This could occasionally trigger confusion if you only understand the brand-new edition of 2020 and now play Crisis Core for the first time. In Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII reunion await you a lot of well staged in-game cutscenes. Not bad for a PSP remaster, right? Source:

Technology that thrills

In addition to the in-game sequences, the Square designers have likewise carried the pixelated PSP graphics into the here and now. You can anticipate comprehensive character and opponent models, elegant textured environments, quite magic effects and bombastically staged (and at any time at the push of a button. It's simply an embarrassment that absolutely nothing has actually occurred in the animations.

The brand-new models are still moving as stiff as the old figures, which in combination with the improved textures sometimes looks a bit unusual.

However, even otherwise Crisis Core does not achieve the graphics splendor of Final Fantasy VII remake. The remastered looks contemporary in any case. By the method, we checked the spinoff on PlayStation 5. There we had a pleasant 60 fps in the video game scenes. Unfortunately, the prepared film series just concern 30 fps. To do this, Square not just provided the absence of dialogue setting, however also blended the great soundtrack, which always ensures final dream VII environment with known pieces. Page 1 Crisis Core: Last Dream VII reunion in the test: Do you observe the PSP roots? Page 2 Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII reunion in the test: PSP weaknesses, combat opinion, evaluation and system Page 3 Image Gallery for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII reunion in the test: Do you notice the PSP roots? Next page To the gallery to the homepage


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