Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: All Characteristics And Explanation

Final Fantasy vii crisis core is a Japanese role-playing game in the action genre, so at the beginning you need to learn a lot. Between the management of the battle, accessories, matter and many others, it is easy to get confused. One thing that can confuse is an understanding of your statistics. This can make you ask you, which means all the characteristics in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

What do the characteristics affect the FF7 Crisis Core?

In Final Fantasy vii crisis core there are various characteristics, each of which affects different aspects of the RUN combat skill. It is very important to know what these characteristics mean and how they affect your play style. Here are all the characteristics described in Final Fantasy vii crisis core. Hp: HP represents your health. You will die if your HP ends. MP (magic glasses): MP represents your magic, which is exhausted when using matter. If you do not have MP, you cannot play matter. AP (attack glasses): AP represents action points. Some matters, such as team matter, spend AP instead of MP. When you reach a zero AP, you will not be able to play Command Material. SP (soldier's glasses): SP represents ration points. This leads to rotation of DMW and stops rotation when it reaches zero. Using SP will expand as the game is going. Victory over monsters and some results of DMW will increase this value. ATK: ATC affects the damage from your physical attacks. The higher this value, the more damage your shock will be inflicted with a sword. It: It affects how much physical damage you get. This is useful against those who attack physical movements. Magician: Mag affects the damage to your matter. The higher this value, the greater the damage inflicted by matter. SPR: SPR affects the amount of magical damage applied to you. An increase in this parameter will prevent damage from enemies attacking with magic. ASK: LCK directly affects critical blows and objects.

The higher this value, the higher the likelihood that you will receive both.


  • The skill of the Buster sword:
    • This is unlocked later in the game. This increases when using Buster Sword in battle. As it increases, you will unlock more useful skills and abilities.

How to check your statistics in ff7 Crisis Core

You can check your statistics at any time by opening the main menu. They will be displayed on the right side of the screen. You can influence with certain accessories and matter. We recommend that you increase the characteristics that you most often use in battle. To get additional information about final fantasy, read the section, can you turn off the fighter of the battle in Crisis Core? And is the Final Fantasy vii crisis core canon? In professional game guidelines.


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