Biathlon Women's sprint in Kontiolahti now in the live ticker


Prior to the start: Obviously, the Öberg-Sister-Hanna, the winner on Wednesday, and Elvira, the Olympic second in this discipline belong to the favorite group A minimum of these have to deal with a Norwegian Although the Olympic champion Mate Olsen Roseland and the world champion Tirol Emhoff are missing for health factors, there is still Ingrid Landmark Teldrevold, who was second 3 days earlier and also won World Cup silver (2019) The Olympic 3rd should likewise be expected if Dorothea Wearer is healthy once again today And if her Italian compatriot lisa vittozzi could get shooting, she is likewise among the prospect as the French lady Julia Simon Prior to the start: For the Swiss, there was at least one outlier with 14th place for Elisa Gasparino (start number 8) Sis AITA (36) was likewise 21. Especially Lena Häcki-Groß (14) has a need for increasing We likewise anticipate Amy Basra (71) and Lea Maier (88) Prior to the start: Tunja Doug (begin number 12), Lisa Theresa Mauser (31), Julia Schweitzer (32), Katharina Tomato, formerly Interloper (57) and Anna June (91) are offered again for the OSV Whether men or women-die Austrians always landed outside the top 30 in the previous races. Of all, it states to develop smaller location Before the start: So the five women who have already objected to the individual competitors on Wednesday It starts with Vanessa Vogt (begin number 11) who knew how to please over the 15 kilometers as 4th A little later in the double pack Denise Herrmann-Wick (17) and Juliane Fruit (18) Sophia Schneider (45) won her best World Cup result on Wednesday and wants to construct on it today Anna Wade (61) is fifth German in the starter field Before the start: Actually, Franziska Press finally wished to get into the season today, however the 28-year-old did not get any health improvement There is talk of irritated airways and cough, which indicates that a start is not an issue today So Prussia will no longer be used in northern Karelia this weekend Before the start: On Wednesday, the biathlon season 2022/23 of women was opened with the specific race in Kontiolahti From a German point of view, things started well, due to the fact that Vanessa Vogt completed the race in 4th place, in the season on Thursday the German quartet was likewise second behind Sweden Before the start: This starts at 1.45 p.m., 7.5 kilometers should be finished Prior to the start: Welcome to the female's sprint in Kontiolahti (Finland)

Biathlon: Women's sprint in Kontiolahti today on TV and livestream

The sprint is used on complimentary TV both Eurosport 1 and in the ARD As far as the live stream is worried, the 2 channels are also possible contacts The ARD's livestream can be discovered complimentary of charge at, but the Eurosport player is subject to a fee DAZN likewise uses a live stream A membership is required for this, which can be acquired for 29.99 euros a month or 274.99 euros a year Articles and videos on the subject Leading sport survive on DAZN Register now! Can be canceled at any time

Biathlon: The consultations at the World Cup in Kontiolahti

Date | Start | Discipline | Winner: In ---|---|---|--- 29.11.2022 (Tue) | 13: 15 | Individual guys 20 km | Martin Ponsiluoma 30.11.2022 (me) | 13: 15 | Private ladies 15 km | Hanna Berg 01.12.2022 (Thu) | 11: 00 | Season males 4 x 7.5 km | Norway 01.12.2022 (Thu) | 13: 35 | Season females 4 x 6 km | Sweden 03.12.2022 (SA) | 10: 45 | Sprint men 10 km | 03.12.2022 (SA) | 13: 45 | Sprint ladies 7.5 km | 04.12.2022 (Sun) | 12: 15 | Persecution males 12.5 km | 04.12.2022 (Sun) | 14: 15 | Persecution females 10 km

The sprint of females is increasing in Kontiolahti today Here you can follow the entire race in the live ticker The biathletes remain in usage for the third time today as part of the World Cup in Contiolahti The sprint is showing up SPOT ticks the action live and in detail Biathlon: Women's sprint in the surface stimulus at the finish line

Square | Larger | time 1 | Lisa Vittozzi | 20: 56.8 2 | Emma Under | + 8.1 3 | Dorothea Wearer | + 17.6 4 | | 5 | |

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Biathlon: Women's sprint in Kontiolahti now in the live ticker

David ova satisfies: At the very first shooting, Market David ova does disappoint off, so is totally in business A little later, Lisa Theresa Mauser snaps all the locations and will be measured virtually at the very same time as Denise Herrmann-Wick Under remarkably in front: Then Emma Under surprises, today brings all 10 shots to the finish and as the leading rider goes to the last round These are only two seconds, the Canadian Vittozzi will most likely not be able to keep Quickly later on, Dorothea Wearer shoots beside it and is 8 and a half 2nd on the under Simon blends with: Back to the lying shooting: Julia Simon works without errors and, as the third, presses himself near the top The French woman is likewise an issue today Second shooting: The first professional athletes are now shooting Lisa Vittozzi makes this extremely strong, clears the goals and therefore positions itself for an extremely great result Obviously, this implies the clear lead at this point Herrmann-Wick is and satisfies in front: Denise Herrmann-Wick was quickly, dealt with and set best times on the preliminary Now the weapon in your hand is distressed The 33-year-old likewise relies on security The number and indicates the assistance good a 2nd prior to Wearer Häcki-Groß Present: On the other hand, Lena Häcki-Groß records a penalty round Obviously, this tosses back the Confederation and will hardly be compensated for in view of the running strength of the competition Vogt shoots perfectly: Vanessa Vogt is the very first German on the mat Stresses calmly the 25-year-old works and hits everything With almost 6 seconds behind, she goes back on the track as 4th Wearer clears up: Elisa Gasparino is no nakedness, which cleans up very clean After that, Dorothea Wearer shows one of her typical quick fires No disc may resist That implies the management for the South Tyrolean Chevalier meets: Anna Mansion likewise catches a charge round After that, Chloe Chevalier exists With a great deal of luck, the 3rd disc tips over gradually Everybody else is doing this faster This implies that the Frenchwoman can go straight back on the route-as a second at the same time with knitters The very first shooting: Caroline Offigstad Knotted completes the very first shooting insert in the competition completely and hence makes sure the requirement Then Lisa Vittozzi goes into the lying attack The very first shot goes next to it, however the other slices fall Vittozzi first in the front: Throughout the second timekeeper, small spaces on Lisa Vittozzi are now making the tone here However, we are awaiting the strong Chloe Chevalier, who needs to get through The French products are slower for a 2nd First intermediate times: Now it is Elisa Gasparino and the turn of Dorothea Wearer immediately afterwards On the other hand, the first intermediate times come in After the short distance, there are no substantial distances Vittozzi on the way: Lisa Vittozzi goes early on the shiny ready route The 3rd Wednesday also confirmed its excellent kind in the season So there is something to be expected, if it works with shooting Start: Now Caroline Offigstad opens the competition At periods of half a minute, the 95 professional athletes will set off at 6 degrees listed below absolutely no It will take a little more than three quarters of an hour for everyone to be sent out on the journey

Biathlon: Women's sprint in Kontiolahti now in the Linebacker racing start


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