Riot MMO, LOL -type preparation item can be operated by selling it

League of legend world mmorpg is expected by LOL fans. In an interview with Antonio, an executive producer (Executive Producer), Greg Street Executive Producer (Executive Producer), he expressed his opinion on the operation of the game-based item-oriented F2P and the high quality stance.

Speculating Antonio, who specializes in MMORPG, conducted an interview with Greg Street for two hours and edited and released some of the total contents that will be released in 12 minutes.

Greg mentioned the game's profit system in an interview. He was wary of Protein, who paid the money, while telling the players that the free-to-play method could be easily accessible to the players than the subscription system. He added that their MMO would not provide such a way.

In addition, Greg said that he was also possible to keep the game with only an embryonic item in a large MMORPG, which has a lot of budgets. According to their calculations, he said that the players will pay enough money to the embellished item and have many players that the game works. In other words, the F2P game can be operated in the center of item such as LOL.

Based on these findings, he was convinced that the game would be F2P. As Riot has not confirmed the revenue generation strategy, the possibility of paying services such as subscriptions still remains.

However, Greg predicted that a faithful content update and provision were necessary for the success of a profit model like LOL. The player does not show that the development team focuses only on the development of embellished items that make money.

Regarding the cost issues of large MMO development, Greg replied with the strength of Riot Games as a company that does not dry. In addition, Riot does not force the game launch schedule. Instead, there is a pressure on the quality of the game.

Greg said they have to fight the quality of the game instead of the launch pressure or funding, and that the game can be canceled if the quality of the game is not good. This is the same as he left on his SNS in April. However, this does not mean that it is difficult to release the game because of the poor quality of the game.

He stressed that the game development is progressing well, saying that this statement does not mean that development is in trouble at the time. In addition, I hoped that fans would not guarantee that they would launch a game even though they made disappointing games, and they would accept it as a commitment to make a good game.

Ghost crawler, famous for its nickname, has been in charge of game design of the Age of Empire series in the past and has served as a system designer of World of Warcraft in Blizzard. Later, in 2020, Riot Games announced that it would develop MMO games, and Riot also officially announced the development of MMORPG based on the League of Legends worldview.

Riot's MMORPG has steadily emphasized that it is a game of various contents beyond PVP-oriented games. Greg also talked about this game design in the interview. However, as Greg said that the production presentation was made relatively early in light of the development schedule, it would take more time until the actual release of the game.


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