Nintendo ensures that retrocompatibility is eier than ever, but does not clarify if Switch 2 will be

If the successor of Nintendo Switch is or not retrocompatible with the previous console is still to be seen. During a recent investor meeting, the creator of Mario and Zelda, Shiner Miyamoto, h responded to issues about this functionality. Although the veteran developer stressed that the objective continues to be outlined

In the pt, we provided the service known virtual console, which allowed users to play old video games in new consoles with more modern hardware, he recalled. While hardware continues without changes, these games can continue to be played. However, the Japanese creative h indicated that the issue of publication rights is complicated , so they will ensure that only titles are added that respect those rights.


Of course, the disarray video games for specific consoles were created in different development environments for the console. a result, says Miyamoto, the hardware h changed and The work environment may not necessarily be reused . Thus, Mario's father h recognized that the games that have been launched in older consoles cannot work on new consoles without additional modifications.

eier backpatibility, but the goal is the new games

For Miyamoto, retrocompatibility is simpler than ever because the processes have been more standardized. They currently have the tools that provide the opportunity for players to enjoy older video games on new consoles eier than ever.

The nuance is that the Japanese company will remain focused on developing new products, Miyamoto himself concludes. Nintendo's strong point is to design new experiences of play or, so when we launch a new hardware in the future we would like to show unique titles that cannot be created in pre-existing hardware.

The successor of Nintendo Switch h not been officially announced, although a to offer from creatures -company that works with The Pokémon Company in titles of the saga-h mentioned the next machine in a published labor offer Recently.


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