The consoles are not only what one sees, but also what they carry inside. This is precisely the new book published by the Game Press publishing house, video game consoles 2.0. They are a total of 361 pages in full color, in which its author, Evan mters, reflects the evolution of the video game industry through exclusive photographs, accompanied by texts and chips of each of the platforms.

Through a press relee, the editorial explained that the book collects each of the hardware updates, well the design of the consoles and their peripherals. And what systems appear? Magnate Odyssey, ZX Spectrum, Vertex, NEW or PlayStation 3, among others. Amos, historian

for sale on December 16, but you can reserve

Video game consoles 2.0 will be available in bookstores and in online stores from next December 16, 2022, although it is already possible to reserve specimens on the official Game Press website. The Deluxe edition of the book (33.95 euros), exclusive of, includes two bookmaker and three collectible cards, which come with console chips.

This volume is the Spanish version of The Game Console, which arrives in our country in an enlarged edition that also incorporates contemporary machines such PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Nintendo Switch.

No one better to face this challenge than the person responsible for most of the photographs of clsic systems you will find on the Internet. And if you do a search on your favorite console, it is very likely that the first image that appears is a photo made by the author of this book: the photographer and historian of video games Evan Amos, they point out from Game Press.


The translation of the Spanish version h been in charge of Bruno Sol, a video game journalist who h participated magazines such Hobby Consoles, Superegos or Retrogamer Spain.


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