Black Friday: The best mechanical gamers with up to $ 300 off!

In search of a good mechanical gamer keyboard to compose your setup gamer without spending a lot? The high cost of the item may scare, but in Black Friday week this is not a problem: with discounts that exceed $300, mechanical keyboards are some highlights of the discount season.


Unlike memane keyboards, the accessory is the type of favorite keyboard of the gamer community, especially when it comes to FPS as CS: GO and Along, which is due to your fast feedback and durability.

Below, MGG highlights 3 mechanical keyboards on promotion on Amazon's Black Friday to enjoy! Check out!

Mechanical Keyboard Gamer Re dragon Dark Avenger

The Region Dark Avenger mechanical keyboard is the ideal accessory for those seeking high quality and performance, with removable switches and RGB lighting zone, with a total of 19 lighting types. The item gives lightness, refined precision and surprising tactile feedback and is totally made up of ABS plastic.

Mechanical Keyboard Wireless Gamer Logitech G915 TKL

The logitech bluetooth g915 mechanical keyboard features refined and compact design with tentacles technology, which promotes more space and freedom to move the mouse. Its innovative features such as low profile mechanical switches and rechargeable battery allow the keyboard to support up to 40 hours on during the games. It features Light sync RGB lighting that can be pronated and reacts the action of the game, according to the aesthetic and audio standards defined by the user.

Mechanical Keyboard Gamer Re dragon K557

The Re dragon mechanical keyboard is built to be durable and have tactile and fast feedback. With USB connection, the keyboard comes in the standard Full Size. It features 12 specific keys for fast control of multimedia functions, anti-ghosting technology and N-Key Rollover on all keys, as well as the renowned Ortega blue switches. Its luxurious metal construction and gold-plated USB cable gives the highest durability and resistance. As for RGB lighting, it has 18 pre-configured modes.


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