WOW: Issues with user interface & Co. - New hotfixes for the Dragon Flight -Pre.

Work: Dragon Flight work on the Pre Patch is not yet over for the developers at Blizzard. Because they still work hard to repair existing problems, bugs and inconsistencies. The hotfixes of October 27, 2022 (for us on October 28 online) do not revolve around class skills like the previous hotfixes, but especially about problems with quest NPCs and the new interface.

Among other things, it was not possible to speak to certain NPCs in three quests. In addition, Falstaff Wild hammer is now supposed to offer quests again and accept during blood in the water. In the interface area, it is about problems with the demolition of melee attacks, the visibility of magic or the missing eye icon of the group search. The full patch notes can be found below!

WOW: Dragonflight-Pre-Patch: Hotfixes from October 28, 2022


  • The achievements for the fateful slaughterhouse of season 4 were removed too early from the Dungeon & Slaughter train category because they can still be earned. You are now visible again.


  • Reinforcement shaman: Fixed a problem through which some spells unintentionally grant a stack of weapon of the grinding stream.

Shadow lands packs

  • Trainer path of the ascent: A problem was fixed in which the close combat of splinter boron paint space consumed charging of Trust flower coating.

Creatures & NPCs

  • Fixed a problem in which the golden kite frame was missing on the name signs of elite gears and world bosses.


  • A problem was fixed in which the sunken chamber could not be completed.
  • One can speak again with the following NPCs:
    • Arguing in Where are words not sufficient and or against us
    • the rune meters in The weakest member
    • Lord Herne in The meeting with the queen
  • Falstaff Wild hammer is now taking on completed quests and gives new quests during the quest chain Blood in the Water.

User interface & barrier-free

  • A problem was fixed in which melee attacks could not be canceled by pressing the ESC button if action-tarting was activated.

Hells * The posture bar is no longer centered when the machining mode is closed after moving the bar. * Spells are visible on the action bar again when they are moved, while the setting Action bar always display is deactivated. * The group finder's eye symbol remains visible even after a loading screen and continues to search for players. * A problem was fixed in which group framework in the arena was missing when group framework in the slaughter train style was activated. * The slot for the test ties was removed and will return with the release of Dragon Flight.

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