The explosive pringue gun and the launch platform thrown to Fortnite arrive

On Tuesday, October 11, 2022, he arrived at Fortnite a hotfix; a content update smaller than does not require downloading any kind. This brought two new objects to Fortnite Seon 4 : The Explosive Prince Pistol and the throwing launch platforms . Just below we tell you How do these objects work and Where to find them :

Explosive Prince gun at Fortnite Seon 4: How it works and where to find it

The explosive Prince gun can be found in chests, in supplies and random deliveries on the ground throughout the island. It is a new type of weapon that soaks a gelatinous substance that explodes in a short period of time after throwing it.

???? The explosive Prince gun allows us to launch a continuous stream that generates a ms that explodes after a few seconds. explosive damage inflicts, it can come good when completing certain challenges and missions that the game proposes.


The throwing launch platforms work exactly the same normal launch platforms . The change there is that, instead of having to be placed a floor trap, we can throw them so that they unfold it happens with, for example, portable bunkers. By launching them, the necessary structures are automatically built so that it is on flat terrain.

We can find randomly thrown launch platforms on the ground and in chests throughout the island.

These have been the most important changes introduced in Fortnite Seon 4 today Tuesday, October 11, 2022. In addition to these, h also returned from the bedroom the bubble shield .

In our Fortnite guide we give you all the keys to this new seon, including where all the characters are or how to improve weapons.


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