Is Sony blocking Game Pass to PS? Microsoft claims in a statement to the British regulation authorities

Microsoft reported in overseas media, including in the opposition to ACTIVISION BLIZZARD's acquisition proposal, accused Sony and British regulatory authorities and chose to block Game Pass from PlayStation. It is.

Similar claims have been made to Brazilian regulatory authorities before, and this time it can be said that it has a similar composition to the UK.

Microsoft also has the largest game platform for more than 20 years, and the price of game consoles has been raised without fear of losing the market share, so its domination is supported. Explain that there is. It is incredible that losing access to a one title could be deprived of the market.


In addition, there are too many concerns that the Call of Duty series will be monopolized by the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, and SHE has acquired multiple game studios, and from software and EPIC. It seems that Games was a minority of Games, and in 2021, PlayStation also claimed that there were 280 exclusive titles, about 5 times the Xbox.


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