Xbox announces Game Pass games for the second half of September

The second not of Game Pass September is already Extra ads. With these, there are ten in total the games that will arrive between today and September 30.

One of the great protagonists cannot be other than Death loop , which loses its exclusivity in PlayStation consoles to arrive today, September 20, to Xbox Series X | S, PC and Cloud Gaming. The celebrated title of Arcane, of which my chiconuclear partner praised how she carried the formulas of the study to new territories, arrives the same day as Hard space: Ship breaker (Cloud and series x | s), a space of spaceship recovery in which physicists will be the protagonists.

This Thursday, September 22, three games will leave on your release day. One will be Spider heck (consoles and PC), a fighting game based on physicists in which we can fight against friends or cooperative to stop a swarm of wild enemies. The second, Beacon Pins (PC, Cloud and Consoles), is a story adventure that describes as beautiful and spooky, where we will embody both the book reader and the protagonist of the story itself. The last of Thursday is Slime Rancher 2 , which will arrive in the form of an advance to cloud, PC and Xbox Series X | s and will bring us the already known combination of exploration, construction, agriculture and collection.

On Tuesday, September 27, another pair of games arrive. One of them is Moon scars , which joins the subscription service on the day of its launch in cloud, console and PC, and will be a metroidvania with clear influences of blasphemous in the aesthetic. The other is the complete launch of Grouped in its 1.0 (in cloud, consoles and PC), which will allow us to see in all its splendor the survival multiplayer of Obsidian Entertainment.


There will be two other games that can be played in Game Pass from September 29, Let’s Build A Zoo and Latham . The first (on PC, consoles and cloud), as the name implies, is a management game in which we will have to maintain a zoo, while the second (even in anticipated access and for PC) is this survival and exploration game How successful has had during the year.

The last of all, such as Colophon per month, will be PAW Patrol Grand Prix , the career game of the canine patrol that will come to launch Game Pass in cloud, PC and Xbox consoles.

The games that will leave the service this month, specifically on the 30th, are no less than 12 in total, so we go with them. They will be to: The Sodium Files, Austria Ascending, Dandy Ace, Dirt 4, Dirt Rally, Going Under, Lewis Gate, Slime Rancher, Subnautica: Below Zero, The Procession to Calvary, Unsifted and Visage.


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