Wonder's Twelve o'clock at night Sun: Magik skills in the new video

As a result of qualitative modifications, the programmers of Fir axis held off Wonder's Midnight Sunlight's appointment to December 2nd. A new gameplay trailer should reduce the waiting time.

A little change does not quit the makers of the upcoming, round-based technique game from pressing out brand-new trailers to the personalities. Today Lilliana Rasputin reveals what she carries it.

Magic with portal skills

Wonder's Twelve o'clock at night Sunlight will first be launched on December second for Computer, PS5 and also Xbox Series, the versions for PS4, Xbox One and Switch will adhere to at a later day.

It stays to be seen exactly how and also whether the acquisition will certainly affect the completed game. One can definitely assume that some, particularly strong heroes or their skills are parked behind the paywall.

In the trailer you can see that Magic not just deals well with her sword, but can also summon magical portals. They have the ability to swallow the opponents in droves as well as when spewing out, the faults take a lot of damage that they will be cleansed from the scene instantly.


Magic can utilize her skill Limbo's hold at the beginning of a battle as well as anticipate extra damages in each of her strikes. However, every person that is awaiting the game at the start of the trailer will aim out that there will be unloved microtransactions in Wonder's Midnight Sunlight.


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