Interview with FRAME BREAK CEO, developed by Robo Agricultural Sim Light Year Frontier, Team that creates new things [TGS2022]

Many game makers from around the world participated in the Tokyo Game Show 2022, which opened on September 15.

Among them, Light Year Frontier, which was first exhibited at the indie game festival Bit summit X-Roads held in Kyoto, and attracted attention with the topical content of Open World x Robot x Agricultural Simulator. The appearance of

Click here for the play report on Bit summit X-Roads

This time, I will tell you about the contents of the special interview with Mr. Yakima Restroom, a CEO at Frame Break, which works on the same work.

Student Project is fun born frame break Studio

── First, please tell us from the history of the FRAME BREAK studio launch.

The beginning of the FRAME BREAK team, Joachim Restroom (hereinafter referred to as Restroom), is a university game development project. It was a lot of fun to develop with the members, so I continued to develop games on the same team. And the acquisition of the studio to the AMPLIFIER GAME INVEST, I was able to set up an office and welcomed new members.

What I am conscious of in the studio is open. We try to hire people with various cultures and ideas even in recruitment, and we have a mechanism that makes it easier to talk beyond such culture. For example, at the meeting, keeping the door of the conference room open, making it easy for anyone to participate in the topic. We aim to be a team that can create more new things.

─ What was the most difficult thing for members who started from the student's project team to work as a game studio?

After graduating from Restroom, I was producing a focus on the game I want to make, but I noticed that the market could not be accepted, and I could not buy it (laughs). Since then, I've studied business and how to convey the goodness of our games. Fortunately, Amplifier Game Invest is a developer who is very focused on that, so I think it was perfect to work together.

─ This time, Light Year Frontier has been exhibited at Tokyo Game Show 2022.

Restores First, I wanted to make games related to agriculture, but there are already many simulators that simply perform only agriculture. Therefore, Light Year Frontier was born with the idea of I want to make something that can be changed to a game so far, and the idea of making the game interesting using a mechanism.


How Red Strokes I'm very happy.

──What kind of response and prospects do you have about deploying in the Japanese market?

Restroom Japan thinks that there are cases where it can be developed well using various applications, for example, you can contact various companies from Discord to acquire fans. In addition to that, I would like to build a relationship like a business partnership, and if I have a big business with everyone who has the same ideas as us, it is a future prospect.

── By the way, is it sometimes affected by Japanese culture not only in games but also from Japanese cultures?

Restroom It's absolutely. The impact is very large. In fact, there are some mechanics that appear in Light Year Frontier that refer to Japanese anime and comics, and many members of Frame Break are influenced by that. So I still don't forget the respect.

─ ─ 響 響 響 響 響 響 響 響 響 響 響 響 、 は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は

Restores, of course, are produced so that they can change parts such as appearance and arm. After all, I think that you can make your own original things is the charm of the game, so I want you to enjoy it as a kind of mecha-fantasy.

── Then, maybe it looks like an armored mechanical or a robot with a head?

Restores are good too. I would like to keep updating and add materials and customs in the future.

── By the way, how do you think when you participated in the first TGS this time?

Red Strokes I think it's a very good experience. The sight of many companies exhibiting at such a large scale and luxurious booths will breathe unintentionally.

──Finally, please give a message for fans who are looking forward to this game.

I am glad to show the games that I have made with the Restroom Passion to Japan. The most important thing I want to tell you is, If you have any requests, please let me know. We want to take it sincerely and try to make it better.

── I'm looking forward to completion. Thank you for today.

Thank you for Red Storm!

Light Year Frontier, which is being produced with the aim of healing games, will be released in the spring of 2023. Compatible hardware is planned for PC and Xbox Series | S/Xbox One.


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