Monhan Rise: Sunblake I want to know more about the inside of Fiorene! Even a noble kingdom knight smiles in Kongrin meat

Nintendo Switch/Steam Hunting ACT Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break has appeared as a new element that allows you to challenge quests with NPCs in the story.

Following the previous Minoto edition, the NPC focusing on the alliance quest this time is Fiorene, a kingdom knight that appeared from Sunbrake.

She has been a hot topic from her beautiful appearance and her older sister of her trade trader from the beginning of the Sambreak, and she has been a leader in the Kingdom of Her Investigator. 。 She is one of the most popular NPCs because she often fights with players in the main game in emergency quests and has many shows.

◆ Traps and counters are handy! Fiorene's Hunting Skill

Fiorene is designated as the NPC of the first accompanying quest released in MR2, and is for quests for Rio Leia and Tobikagachi. Her specialty weapons include one-handed swords that appeared in the cut scene, and a well-balanced weapon, such as the battle and defense lance, charge ax, large swords and swords. (Fixed one-handed sword in the accompanying quest.)

In terms of skills, while having protection skills such as guard strengthening and guard performance, it also has a firepower skill such as attack and challenger and attacker and attack protection. I get a well-balanced impression overall.

...... If the quest starts for the time being, it's time-time. I tried the throwing kiss gesture with expectations, but it didn't return like Minoto, and it was a simple reaction. Two consecutive losses! If you specify a pose, you can freely change the NPC pose, start baking meat while waiting at the camp, or pose when you point the camera, it is fun to observe.

However, if I was absorbed in observing, the effect of Odango short-term hypnosis expired. If you want to observe the NPC carefully, or if you want to shoot a squash, it seems good to eat after the quest departs.

The key to hunting in Fiorene, which is important, has a very high hunting skill that is a hunter. In particular, when the monster is contacted, the roar of anger, such as anger, has been combined with the destruction and rising dragon, a successful counter. The effect of his skills, Attack Protector, is also activated, so he has hit a powerful blow since the opening.

Furthermore, it can be used by the strength of a one-handed sword that can be used even when pulling a sword, and supports players from various fields with traps, flash balls, and dust of life from various fields! This shows the high degree of perfection of the ally system. Players can just focus on attacks, so I'm grateful for the generous support.

However, I did not have anti-additive or herbal medicines, and there are also situations where Rio Leia's powerful summer salt and poison make it impossible to fight. If the NPC becomes unable to fight, of course, it will not be added to the quest failure conditions, so don't worry. The NPC will recover and rescue it, or will return to the front of the line over a certain period of time.

◆ Kingdom knight sisters, now! Pay attention to interaction with other NPCs

By departure for other NPCs and quests, the special Knake production that occurs between specific characters is one of the pleasures of alliance quests. This time, we will leave for hunting with the NPCs that appeared from Monster Han Rise, the trade merchant and the sister of Fiorene, Rondine.

Like Hinoe and Minoto, clearing the accompanying quests of Fiorene and Rondine will create a special accompanying quest. It is a very tough face, but it is safe if there are two kingdom knights!

We Rondine's specialty weapons include Slash Ax and Swords. She also supports players using unsold items such as her flash balls and traps. In addition, she seems to have several traps.

Even though he is a noble sister from the kingdom, he is equally powerless in front of the Fukusuku camera. The NPC moves along with the player, so it is difficult to put them in the angle of view, but you can enjoy various poses. It is also a detailed point that the reaction when pointing the camera is shy or saying Please take a cool shot!

Before the start of the quest, in conversations after the start, sisters have good relationships, such as chatting with sisters and respecting each other. It should be noted that the interaction at the time of quest clearing will occur only if the monster is subjected to **. In addition, we were able to confirm the interaction with the Kingdom Knights.

So, this time, I have told you about the ally of Fiorene that appeared in Sambreak. There are many scenes in the story, and Fiorene is no exaggeration to say that he is another hero of Sunbreak. The Kingdom Light Clean Knight equipment that can be produced by clearing her quests has many excellent skills, and her waist equipment is especially useful.

An alliance quest where you can experience various NPCs and hunting. There are many detailed points such as NPC observation and interaction, so please try it!


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