The faded person who defeats Merina in Elden Ring. Merina is forced to be temporarily defeated

It seems that a player who defeats the character Merina who helps the hero's journey at key points has appeared in Eldenring . Merina, who should not be able to attack, can be defeated if he manages to devise it.

Elden Ring is an action RPG designed by From Software. In this work, the player travels through a vast space, aiming to become a king as a fading person. And Merina is one of the important characters that supports the fading travel. She will provide a level-up function and means of transportation as a finger shrine maiden, a player's accompaniment. She will also guide the player's journey. However, in the work, the timing of meeting Merina except at the beginning is limited. One of the limited opportunities is conversation with blessings.

Merina appears when she takes a break with a specific blessing, and she sends a little conversation and a queen Marika's spirit. She sometimes tells me important hints about the world of this work, and she will be a good partner during a break. She is basically blessed. The players were also taking a break, so they could not attack and defeat them like other NPCs. However, recently, it seems that a glitch (bug) has been discovered that can attack Merina while taking a break.

It was Mr. Youtuber's tomato-chan who found this problem early. A player who posts a lot of video content related to Elden Ring. She introduces small tricks and rumors, delves into verification and is gaining popularity. He posted a video on June 5, entitled How to attack Merina. The video contains Merina, who is damaged despite a break with her blessing.

The method is to use her magic, The fog of the night shrine maiden, and put her Melina on a trap. This magic remains in the air that damages the enemy and NPC in the air for a certain period of time. If you sprinkle the damage fog around where Merina appears, and take a break with a blessing, you can invite Melina into the fog. However, even if the fog trap is set, it seems that it does not cause damage just by calling Merina normally. Something seems to need something more. Nevertheless, as a verification, he has found a condition that Merina will be damaged only while talking about Marika's spirit.

In addition, he introduced a video on May 9, using this bug to defeat Merina. Here, the method of using the fog of the night shrine maiden evolves, and uses a glitch that can give a condition abnormality simply by approaching the character. As a result, the trap is even more lethal. In the fog of the night shrine maiden, Merina's physical strength, which had not been reduced yet, is being cut more and more due to her condition. Merina, who conveys her spiritual spirit, quickly lost her physical strength and exhausted her. She remains a small golden tree. It is a very painful sight.

However, Merina doesn't seem to be overwhelmed. After a rest again with her blessing, Merina revived as if nothing had happened. She tells her fading, She hears Marika's spirit. I don't know if from software assumed this. However, it seems that there was no fading barbarian in process. Melina can be summoned in a specific boss battle. In that case, she falls down when the HP is gone, but it is an interesting phenomenon that a character that can not usually interfere with it falls.

Chernobyl. A series of videos have been watched tens of thousands of times, and on Twitter, the posts of users who have defeated Melina are attracting attention. This seems to have reached Merina as a result of trial and error, using tomato-chan's video as a hint.

Why are the faded people trying to defeat Merina? I don't know that. However, Merina has become a net memory, and there is one act that the MOD Melina no Gobini Melii WOO TUKERU MOD, which only puts Meri to her end, attracted attention. As an important character, the point that her standing position is slightly surreal, including the point where the turn is modest, is likely to be a factor in the net memory.

In any case, it would be an unpredictable behavior that Merina would be harmful during the break. She should be aware of the possibility of a problem when trying the gritch. In addition, Merina gives players a lace horse trent, and is the key to the king's road. Sometimes I remember her benefits, and if possible, I want you to be kind to Merina.


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