Details of obtaining legendary levels in Dungeons & Dragons Online are disclosed

An increase in the maximum level has always been of great importance in Dungeons and Dragons Online, especially taking into account the fact that the game is trying to remain a faithful original D&D desktop game, which has traditionally been limited by only twenty levels. With the launch of the ISLE of DREAD additions, the next month, the inspired D&D Mmorpg will not only receive new content on the topic of dinosaurs, but also increase the maximum level from 30 to 32.

The developer Standing Stone Games told how they will cope with an increase that includes a new legendary progress system. Upon reaching level 30, the character will begin to earn legendary experience. All dungeons that are currently legendary will give this experience. When reaching the desired experience plan, you need to talk to the spinning gingerbread. Thus, the hero will reach the first legendary level.

As a reward for achieving, the character will receive more strength and two additional points of fate. It will not do without a level of level 31, a set of basic improvements of level 32 and changes in craft in accordance with progression.

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ISLE OF DREAD is renewed on June 22. The price of pre-order is $ 40 per standard publication. 130 bucks are asked for the ultimatum.


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