How to get secret pets in the simulator Roblox clicker simulator

Hundreds of unique pets that can be collected in an exciting and dynamic game. The clicker simulator is not surprising that there are several secrets that players can also unlock. These hidden supplements that are considered secret pets are in demand by players all over the world, so how to get them? Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this question, but we can offer several tips that will help you direct you to the right way!

Tips for receiving secret pets

Find the eggs that you can afford

Although many players expect that secret pets can be obtained by performing complex quests or finding Easter, added by developers, in fact they will unlock them much easier. In almost every egg inside Clicker Simulator, at least one secret pet is hidden, so they are technically easy to find. However, it is more difficult to unlock them, as they often have a Ctreatively low chance to pull out compared to other pets inside the egg.

For example, the chances of pulling chemical eggs are as follows:

  • Protective suit = 36.1% chance
  • Cat in gas mask = 36.1% chance
  • Chemical rabbit = 13% chance
  • Chemical barrel = 7.5% chance
  • Nuclear drop = 4% chance
  • Toxic cluster = 2% chance
  • Chemical guard = 1% chance
  • Cooling tower = 0.15% chance
  • Robot mutant = Chance 5E-6% (secret)

Simply put, you usually have chance from one million to one per hundred million To pull the secret pet from the egg in the standard FTP (free) player. Because of this low chance, it is important that the egg that you open was the one that you can afford, as you probably have to open hundreds of them before you get a pet you are looking for.

maximize your performance

As mentioned above, FTP players will most likely have to open hundreds of eggs for hours to unlock the secret pet. However, those who are ready to spend a fair number of roboks, there is a way to speed up this process and significantly simplify the hunt for more rare pets, including secrets. To do this, players can acquire gaming subscriptions, including those listed below.

  • Fast opening egg! - 249 Robohsov.
  • Successful chances! - 199 Robohsov
  • Super lucky! - 699 Robeksov.
  • VIP - 399 Robeks

There are also purchased in-game bonuses that act for a limited time and can be used to increase good luck.



First of all, the key to unlocking secret objects in any simulator is patience - they are not just so called secret objects! Do not burn yourself, opening eggs for several hours or several days without a break, take breaks when you need them, and although it is difficult, try not to fall in spirit. These pets were created to be almost inaccessible!

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