LOL: Faker enlarges his figure with a record of deaths ever seen in the LCK

As the LCK spring split spring, the perennial Mid Lanner of T1, Lee " FAKER " Sang-Hyeok, has become a competitive history in League of Legends. He today became the first player in reaching the mark of 2500 deaths in LCK; A new feat that adds to many others.

Faker, always in shape

T1 is currently in an excellent position in the LCK classification, since the team remains undefeated with 13 victories in its score, and more precisely, 25 games won by 5 lost since encounters play in BO2. But the fact of the day is not the new victory of T1 but the new record established by Faker.

The Mid LANER has become the first player to pass the mark of 2500 deaths at LCK, a new performance that he can proudly aim at him. Second is Kim " DEFT " Hyuk-Kyu, the DRX Bot LANER, with "only" 2005 murders to the name of him. After 10 years of career, the player shows that he is still in good shape and points to the highest peaks of the LCK .

This figure was reached during the game between Gen.G (currently second in classification) and T1, party earned in two short games by T1. For the first set, Faker used a magnificent Leblanc and, thanks in particular to the help of the support of him RYU " Keria " Min-Seok, could press along the whole map. Evidenced by the score of him at the end of the game completed in 32 minutes, 6/1/6.

Every Champion FAKER Has Picked In Pro League of Legends For the second game, unfortunately it was not he who was decisive in his Ryze, but his young Top Lane Choi " Zeus " Woo-jeh who crushed his rival Choi " Doran " Hyeon-Joon (Who chose Iralia) with his Jayce. The objective of T1 is now the playoffs. They will face KT Rolster, currently seventh in the classification with 4 victories for 8 losses. Can Faker and colleagues stay undefeated so far?


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