WOW: EWIGERNOWNS ORDER - Timewalking-Monthly dropped in Legion

The time immigration dungeons in Wow are a nice variety of everyday trot of an MMOs. Nostalgic time travel in the past, where then halfway useful loot can come out — at least for one or the other twink. In addition, for example, the time-distorted badges can increase the call in old factions and perhaps one or the other paragon box captured.

For many players, however, in addition to the fun, of course, the eternal timesheet is a main reason for the regular visits. This particular dragon can drop with each individual dungeon boss in a Time walking Dungeon, but has an extremely low drop chance.

Time skins as Kisten-Boote

Although the bosses leave no booty in mythical-plus-dungeons, you can use the reins of the eternal Schumacher, but as it has turned out, also in the time immigration versions of the Legion dungeons. These can obviously be included in the box at the end of each run. WoW: Timewalking-mount also drops in Legion-M + Dungeons — Eternal Ticket (2) Source: Towhead This shows at least the screenshot of an Asian player above. Whether this is intent on the part of the developer, can not be said. Blizzard has not yet been expressed. Why not? After all, this is time immigration dungeons. And really lighter or faster than normal time walking dungeons these should not be.

Do you already have the eternal timesheet from the time immigration dungeons already smashed or are you not really interested in any mounts?

Legion Timewalking - Complete System Overview [Patch 9.1.5] | Shadowlands .

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