VFL Wolfsburg: Chelsea-Gala

The VFL Bochum (association for body exercises Bochum 1848) was born in 1938 by the fusion of threesome Bochum sporting activities clubs, namely the Turnitin Bochum 48, from Germanic 06 and also Us Bochum, with the origins of the Turnitin back to the year 1848. On July 29, 1949, a separate football neighborhood was started within the VFL Bochum 1848, the organization for body workouts Bochum 1848 football community e. V. At the end of October 2021, the club had 17,726 participants, which he counts among one of the best clubs in Germany. The first men's interplay from 2010 to the climb 2021 in the 2nd Bundesliga and was thus the team right now, which was the longest continuously in this league. Along with football the VFL Bochum the sporting activities Badminton, basketball, e-sport, fence (up to 2020 — insolvency), handball, hockey, sports, swimming, dance sports, tennis, table tennis, gymnastics, volleyball operated. The divisions are organized in independent clubs. Between them as well as the VFL Bochum 1848 e. V. is an organization neighborhood.

Our outcome alone decides : Tommy Strewn did not want to leave Geneva in the duel with Juventus Turin before the last and decisive group match against Chelsea. Siegen — with two goals difference — or fly, the motto was called — the wolves decided on the former.

And how! With a 4: 0 you sent the previous year's finalist home, Penile Harder and Co. are out of the competition. Outstanding, what we have brought to the place today, said Strewn after the game. Just right, considering whoever was missing everything with us.

I'm really proud of the troupe, because everyone knows how big the challenge was today.

VFL coach Tommy Strewn

But those who stood on the square made it strong, led by Svenja Hugh. The captain met twice in half and laid the foundation for the progress. The courage to take this situation so, you have to have it first — and then even to the end of the end. I'm really proud of the troupe, because everyone knows how big the challenge was today, Strewn could hardly believe what His team had delivered against the English women.

For us, it was clear that we want to bring Chelsea into a situation in which they come to doubt and in which perhaps the thought of a failure occurs. With the 2: 0, the VFL caused exactly for it. Suddenly they were aware that they were out of this score. That's exactly what we have built up all our thought games, Strewn explained the VFL plan. This also belonged to take a conscious risk at the beginning of the game.

Does the VFL take the momentum with Potsdam?

That paid out. Tabla Warmth put in passing two twice, the wolves are on. Strewn wants to just pop up, only that counts. And then the look is already towards Potsdam. Turbine is waiting for the Champions League quarter finalists on Sunday in the top game of the Women's Bundesliga. Also, there Wolfsburg can not give himself a floating with a view to the table. If we take the momentum, we will also solve this task, Strewn is sure.


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