The Showrunner of Season 2 of The Witcher explains the controversial death

The Bruno Season 2 is available in Netflix. In Rotten Tomatoes, the second stab of Netflix The Bruno has a critical score of 93, but only one audience score of 63, which suggests some disconnection between critics and average television consumer. The interesting thing about this is that it is the opposite of the first season, which had a critical score of 68 but an audience score of 91. So, why the average Bruno Does the fans do not like the second season as much as the first? Well, we do not know, but it probably has to do with greater deviation from the original material and a couple of controversial plot points, such as the history of Asked in the second season ( Spoilers ahead).

In season 2, Asked dies in the second episode. Of course, there are many deaths in both seasons, so this is not quite surprising, but Asked is a beloved character that ends up having a minimum screen time before he disconnects. And this has not sitting well to many fans.

Speaking of this reaction, the Showrunner Lauren Hiss rich explained that she and the team of scriptwriters feels that somehow had to die during the episode. Originally, the plan was to kill a new and original sorcerer, but Hiss rich and company. I thought that this would lack weight. In addition to this, Hiss rich says that Asked's death is also important to promote Gerald forward in history.

We knew we had to kill someone in that episode, Hiss rich said. We knew we wanted a monster to enter Keyed Moorhen and that he had something to do with Cirri, and both Gerald and Semi and the brothers realized that taking this girl to the sorcerer's castle would fundamentally change things. And, with all honesty, the first version of the script we write was a new sorcerer that we had never met, of which we had never heard, and suddenly we thought... Oh, our audience is going to meet Coin and Lambert and Asked and, You know, John. And who is going to die? John is going to die. So we think so much, and I know there are fans who love Asked, and who feels that, why would we do that? ? But, honestly, his death is what everything changes for Gerald and I think it drives Gerald's need to find out what is happening with Cirri and do it quickly, because he knows that he will run the risk of losing her and his brothers if he does not? 'T. And we really just wanted to motivate the character's trip for him.

It remains to be seen if this explanation will satisfy the annoying fanatics by the rapid death of Asked. As always, feel free to leave a comment or two to let us know what you think or, alternatively, contact me on Twitter. Tyler Fischer To talk about everything related to games. What do you think about the early death of season 2 of Asked and the explanation of Hiss rich?

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