Series A: Juventus Turin threatens the forced descent - investigations against the club leadership in full swing

The Juventus Football Club, brief Juventus f.c. Or June, recognized in German-speaking nations as Juventus Turin, is an Italian football company started in 1897 from the Piedmont resources Turin. More classifications are La Mecca Signora ( The Old Girl ) and also I Bianconeri ( The White Black ). The Juventus F.C. One is among the most effective football clubs worldwide as well as is with official 36 recuperated Students record master of Italy. The club is among three Italian football business noted at Borsa Italiana. The house of the organization is the Juventus Arena opened in 2011.

Juventus Turin threatens again the forced descent from the series A. Against the Italian record champion and numerous officials of the Bianconeri is determined.

Currently, various investigations against Juventus Turin run. The old lady should have achieved capital gains in the amount of 282 million euros from 2018 by possible balance sheet fails. On Friday, authorities searched the offices of the club and the Turin prosecutor's office already ordered some surveys.

Thus, the new football boss Federico Cherubim had to provide information on player transfers and financial operations nine hours. Even club chef Andrea Agnelo and Vice President as well as ex-professional Pavel Nerved are targeted by investigators. Managing Director of Maurizio Arrivabene was interviewed on Monday afternoon.

Now further trouble threatens, as the Italian association to protect consumer rights (Coda cons) became aware of the case. President Marco Donnell expressed himself very clearly towards Tutti Mercado Web. The indictment is very serious and the processes would throw a bad light on the past few years. In particular, given the dominance of Bianconeri, which brought the championship between 2012 and 2020 every year.

Juventus: Acceptance of the championship title and forced descent?

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In addition to the individual responsibility, the club will not be spared from punishment, said Donnell. Also, for the protection of thousands of fans, the association in the cartel office and the federal prosecutor's office will submit a complaint, in which we demand the descent of Juventus into the series B and the abnormal recognition of the last championship title.

If the allegations confirm, Juventus threatens again the forced descent. As early as 2006, the Italian Top club had to go to the second league. At that time, the Turin were criminalized in a row of a manipulation scandal. With a star-locked troupe succeeded the immediate rising.

The investigation will continue, but the image damage is already there. The stock of the club broke at the beginning of the week and registered price losses.


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