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One of the most anticipated productions of the MCU is Secret Invasion. While at the moment the return of Marvel's main heroes has not been confirmed, the series will have the talent of Samuel L. Jackson once again as Nick Fury. However, this will not be the only character of S.h.i.e.L.D., since Cobain Smolders will once again resume the role of Maria Hill for this production.

According to Deadline, Cobain Smolders will return to the MCU in the Secret Invasion series for Disney +. Unfortunately, that is all the information available at the moment. Currently, it is unknown how important it will be the role of it, or if she will have the same time on the screen that Jackson. The last time we saw this character was in Spider-Man: Far From Home 2019.

Technically, Maria Hill who appeared in far from home was not really her, since a Skull was in charge of taking her identity. Similarly, the last time we saw this race was at the end of WandaVision. Considering that Secret Invasion will arrive at Disney + at some point of 2022, it is likely that more information related to this production will be provided in the coming months.

In the comics, Secret Invasion was an event where it was discovered that the Skulls had taken the personality of several heroes on Earth. However, in the MCU, This breed is represented in a more friendly way, so we probably see a series of substantial changes to this narrative.

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Editor's note:

Secret Invasion has the potential to be as important as Loki was. The possibility of seeing the skulls as villains will not only offer a decontextualization of the events of the MCU, but provides enough space for some classical characters to return, but only not the way many expect.


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