SC Freiburg brings Right Defense Talent Siquet - Club

The SC Freiburg presented the first winter newcomer: The Belgian U21 international Hugo Squat comes from Standard Liège. Thus, SC coach Christian prank has more options on the right-to-death position.

The 19-year-old SEQUEL comes from the Youth of Standard Liège and has already presented 32 first-league missions, and it is up-to-date Belgian U21 international (five bets). As a transfer, the Brasher should have paid according to Kicker 4.5 million euros.

We have been pursuing the way from Hugo since its first assignments for standard. Last summer, the implementation of a change was not yet possible, the greater the joy now, said sport director Clemens Hollenbach. Hugo can play in the four-chain right and fill in the right track in the triple chain. His game intelligence, its energy and its constant forward ranging characterize him.

SC Freiburg holt belgisches Top-Talent Hugo Siquet! | Wer ist der talentierte Rechtsverteidiger? SC coach Prank has more alternatives for the right side from January, where Lukas Ruler is currently set. Because the comeback by Jonathan Schmidt is not foreseeable. The Alsatian has struggling with the consequences of a corona disease and played on 21 August against Borussia Dortmund (2: 1) Vilest game.

SC Freiburg: Schmidt fights with corona disease

The lung values ​​are good, even otherwise the values ​​of the organs are good. He increases again, and it looks like it that he recovers at one hundred percent, scientist prank recently in the IDF sport studio.

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Meanwhile, the 31-year-old Schmidt returned to the training place, at SKY, he finally announced to re-enter the team training in December. Patch wanted Schmidt completely in peace with the Physios working. About when he comes back, we do not need to talk right now, said the Freiburg coach.


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