PlayStation Plus offers some subscribers the popular PS4 game for free

PlayStation Plus offers some subscribers a popular and bonus PS4 game for free. This week, Sony revealed the free PS Plus games from December. Unlike most months of this year, PS Plus subscribers are not happy with the latest free games due to a controversial inclusion. To top it off for these subscribers, most of them will not obtain the free bonus game mentioned above. In North America and Europe, subscribers only get three games for December. In Asia, subscribers get four, and the fourth free game is much better than the other three that everyone gets. Why subscribers in Asia get a game without bonus, we do not know, but this happens a few times a year.

PS Plus Games for December 2021! Download Free Games for Your PlayStation

As Wario64 retransmissions on Twitter, subscribers on the continent of origin of PlayStation are also receiving fusion during the month of December. Developed by BYU Ga Gook Studio and published by Sega, Quito debuted in 2019 (at least in the west) as a yakuza spin-off, and a good one in that. It is considered one of the best games of your launch year.

From the team that brought you the acclaimed yakuza comes the series judicial, a brave history of the attorney fallen in disgrace Kabuki Salami in his search for redemption, is read in an official speech of the game. Tormented by the past of him, he takes the weapons as a private detective, making his way through the clandestine criminal network of Aurochs to investigate a series of horrifying murders. In this psychological thriller, the balance between justice and mercy stale at the limit. He tracks the suspects, discover clues and carries evidence to the courts, but be careful, there are dark characters at all times. Can you distinguish between friend and enemy? Take advantage of two unique battle styles to defeat adversaries in electrifying meetings. Full of combat sequences worthy of Hollywood and cinematographic turns and turns, this mystery will surely keep you alert.

«With all you have to do in Quito, this is a game that seems to be easily converted into an experience of 60 or 70 hours, even if you do not see yourself as a completer«, says an excerpt from our review play. It is a criminal drama for people who not only want to break squares and triangles for endless combinations, but it is a fighting game driven by the adventure for people who not only want to spend all day solving cases. Judgment could have been based on the success of Yakuza to get the attention of people, but with everything this game achieves, we hope we get another game to see more of Judgment and Take in the future.

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