LOL: These will be the teams and players that will make up the LCK for 2022

The LACK 2022, which for many is the best competition in the world to see League of Legends at present, just Close its signing market for next year. The teams that will form the league next year have completed their rosters and are expected that there are not many more modifications for what remains of off season. Some teams have received painful changes as the case of Damon Kia or Hanna Life who has been dismissed his two best players and his project has been weakened enough for the next competition.

On the other hand, there are clubs that have reinforced many of their positions as it is the case of Gen. G. With the Duo Chovy-Peanut or NS Enforce with Anna and BDD among its incorporation and that are clear favorites to reach The most anticipated international events next year. Other equipment like T1 has barely changed your roster and remain favorites to be done with the title of the LACK or the 2022 worldwide. That said, we present all the roster of the LACK equipment for 2022 (subject to change)

Africa Frees.

Damon Kia.


Credit Brian.

#LCK 2022 Spring Preseason Power Rankings | Teams #10 - 1 GEN. G.

Hanna Life.



NS Enforce.



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