LOL: Khan will have a farewell for everything high before his enlistment

With the defeat of DWG KIA at the end of this year at world, edge ended the Khan's professional career. Finally, to be more precise, the real guilty is the South Korean government and its internal defense policy, which forces all citizens of the country to do military service for just under 2 years. Whether rich or poor, small or powerful, known or unknown, bronze or challenger, all go there.

DK Khan Interview after Quarterfinals (maybe last chance for him  to win Worlds)

The Korean To planer did not finish his race with a title, but he still had a smile on his face at the press conference after the game. Faithful to himself, he wanted to stay positive and share good vibes with the fans of him; Even losers can shine with a thousand lights. Khan has marked the story of the League of Legends with the various teams of it: Long Gaming, SET, FIX, DWG KIA... and to surrender Homage, Damon decided to offer you a small farewell ceremony.

The ceremony in question will take place in Seoul on December 4 and sponsored by the Kia car brand, Damon sponsor, we really do not know what to expect in particular. We hope that the new retiree receiving beautiful gifts such as a state-of-the-art car model thanks to the Korean team sponsor. Fans can go for the occasion to pay a final tribute to this endearing player, who has announced that he wants to become Streamer once he has fulfilled his duty to defend the country of him in the army.

You do not know who of your Ex company you will make the trip, but between China and Korea, you have touched with many great Names: Shoemaker, Canyon (DWG KIA), Doing (FIX), Faker, teddy (SET), Peanut, BDD (King zone) or even Xi ye (WE). It would be enough to take a very star memory photo, but we do not know if this will happen as something called pandemic is bothering things in terms of meetings among the biggest stars of the Asian League of Legends.



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