Hellblade 2 teaches his first GamePlay trailer: it's the most impressive thing you're going to see in a long time

Amazing! Hell blade 2 has shown its first GamePlay trailer at the GALA The Game Awards, being one of the first games to appear. And go if you have put the ribbon high. The adventures of Senna have taught their first footage that, really, it looks like a damn CGI. But not.

In the video we have seen how the protagonist went with a series of companions in dark environments and has tried to cope with a kind of giant monster. The section interspersed scenes with Gameplay, and the creature to which she seemed to have defeated moves on fire towards the protagonist, who has nothing else to flee.

HELLBLADE 2: Senuas's Saga Gameplay Reveal Trailer (2021) The dynamism between the cinematographic transitions and the game itself is an authentic barbarity, and it is now where we can really see the future of video games. We can say that this sequence will go down in history as one of the most impressive trailers ever shown. And, if the final game maintains this level of visual show, we can not do anything else than admire it.

Do not forget that it is a very immersive game in which the sound, and the own facial expressions of Senna, are key to experience, an adventure that will reach PC and Xbox Series. It's not a kinematics, it's Gameplay, Remember.

The bad, yes, that there is no release date for Hell blade 2: Senna's Saga. So it's time to keep waiting.


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