Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster Prepares the closure of the retro series by setting its launch window

Final Fantasy still remembers with love his pixelated time, and that is why in summer we were surprised with a new collection of remasters to the purest retro style. Since then, Square Enix has been selling separately every title of its Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, which will condense from the first adventure and to the sixth, and now it is prepared to close this stage with a new launch window for Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster.

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster will be available in February 2022 If you are passionate Retro aesthetics, and you have spent this iconic title, keep in mind that it will be available for PC and mobiles at February 2022. In this way, we will not have to wait a long time to return to this acclaimed RPG, because a few weeks are missing to enjoy their pixelated version.

Final Fantasy VI - Dancing Mad [Remastered]

But here they did not finish the news, since Square Enix has given this news through Steam along with other extras related to your reservation. Now, if we pre-compromise Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster, we will also receive additional content as topics of your soundtrack or special wallpapers. As for the melodies, some of them have been modified so that they are enjoyable both for those who long for retro years and for those who prefer a more renovated version.

The last installment that was launched from this series was, obviously, Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster, but the arrival of the sixth title will point and end to this collection of retro games. Of course, Square Enix has developed an idea that encourages the nostalgic video games, but his proposal has also suffered criticism and complaints from the community.


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